5 Creepy Paranormal Reality Shows Still On The Air

5 Creepy Paranormal Reality Shows Still On The Air

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In The Apparition, starring Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, and Tom Felton, the scientific theory is proven that ghosts and paranormal beings only exist because people believe in them, and with their belief, the harmful apparitions become more powerful.
Audiences are fascinated by the paranormal. Maybe that’s why there are so many television series dedicated to their research. Read on for our five picks of the best paranormal reality TV shows.

Ghost Hunters
This American show that originally aired on Syfy in 2004. The show highlights Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, daytime plumbers who investigate supposedly haunted locations. Ghost Hunters has given way to several spin-off series, including Ghost Hunters Academy. In this show, people with an interest in becoming investigators of the paranormal team up with Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango on their adventures.

Most Terrifying Places in America
First airing on the Travel Channel in 2009 as a single episode special, Most Terrifying Places in America  has now expanded into a documentary-style series that features different haunted locations across the United States, and delves into the folklores surrounding these places.

Haunted Homes
This British program, which first aired in 2004 before getting picked up in 2006, follows the psychic Mia Dolan, ghost hunter David Vee, actor Mark Webb, and professor Chris French as they spend two nights in haunted houses attempting to get rid of the spirits that dwell there.

Paranormal Witness
Another American documentary-style series, Paranormal Witness premiered on Syfy in 2011 and has people recounting their own personal experiences with the paranormal.

The Dead Files
Originally aired on the Travel Channel in 2011, The Dead Files is an American reality series. Amy Allan, a psychic medium, and Steve DiSchiavi, former NYPD homicide detective, are partners who investigate supposed haunted places. The two workers research and explore on their own before meeting up to discuss their conclusions later in the program.

Tell ME: Are you a believer? Would you tune into these shows?

-Amy Lauren