15 Summer Tunes We Love

15 Summer Tunes We Love

call me maybe

Whether it’s your first kiss, family vacation, a winning basketball game or a road trip with your best friends, a song can have an effect that brings you back to a lot of good and, sometimes, bad memories. Check out our list of the best 15 summer singles and relive those moments.

“Call Me Maybe”-Carly Rae Jepsen
Hey, we just met her and this is crazy, but buy her song, its sure is catchy. Jepsen’s song caught on like wildfire and soon her first single was a billboard hit and an Internet sensation.

“Good Time”-Owl City
Owl City comes back strong this summer with his brand new single featuring Carly Rae Jepsen. The songs infectious and happy vibe cannot help but make you smile and sing along.

“Want U Back”-Cher Lloyd
Ever break up with your boyfriend and then decide you made a mistake? Cher Lloyd did and in her powerful pop song she makes it known she’s ready to fight for him.

“Pound The Alarm”-Nicki Minaj
Minaj came out strong with this follow up single to Super Bass and Starships. With her fierce fashion, strong-headed personality and awesome dance tracks she is taking over the charts.

“Whistle”-Flo Rida
This catchy song was the best rap song this summer. Not only did it make you want to sing along but whistle along as well.

“Cruise”-Florida Georgia Line
One of the best things about summer is hitting the road. This song is the summer anthem for leaving on a road trip with some of your favorite people.

Usher’s latest dance track cannot help but make you want to scream with happiness every time you hear this song on the radio. It’s that good.

“Wanted”-Hunter Hayes
Hayes gets in touch with his sensitive side with this beautifully written track that had all the girls swooning this summer.

“Payphone”-Maroon 5
Maroon 5 shows the world by teaming up with Wiz Khalifa that once again their idea to work on more collaboration is always a great success.

“Give Your Heart a Break”-Demi Lovato
This pop song is a great twist on the idea of relationships and gives Lovato her first radio hit.

“What Makes you Beautiful”-One Direction
The world had been waiting for another boy band. This songs success on radio and the Billboard charts showed the music industry that the world would always have a soft spot for British people and boy bands.

“Drunk on You”-Luke Bryan
Bryan’s unique song becomes such a success with his fans that it instantly became a social networking tagline used with statuses frequently saying, “I’m a little drink on you and high on summertime.”

“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”- Pink
Pink is back at it again with her latest track. Her strong girl power filled songs, continuously show people she will be sticking around in the music industry.

“She’s so Mean”-Matchbox Twenty
Matchbox Twenty’s song of the moment takes a step back from all the pop dance tracks on the radio and takes everyone back to the older days of alternative rock.

“Wide Awake”-Katy Perry
After Perry’s very public divorce she took pen to paper and wrote a very personal, raw and honest song that had Perry fan in awe of her emotional single.

Tell ME: Which song takes you back to summer 2012?

-Jenna Cusumano