14 Ways to be Happy on Single Awareness Day

14 Ways to be Happy on Single Awareness Day

Awesome photo from Clever CupcakesIt’s that time of year again. The holiday that you usually drown your sorrows in candy hearts and chocolate, but this year is different. By following some of these easy tips you can have a great Valentine’s Day without a special someone and still be left with that   warm and fuzzy feeling.


1. Give a helping hand
 Stop moping about your boy problems and start helping people who need it. By volunteering your time and efforts to a greater cause, you will feel better about yourself and about your current single status. Look for organizations that are similar to your interests and always need volunteers, such as the Best Buddies program or the Boys and Girls Club of America


2. Plan a hot date for your BFF
 Who needs guys anyways? Plan a romantic dinner for two with your bestie at a restaurant you have both always wanted to try (but boys were never smart enough to find). After a good gossip session and a long bash on men you may start to wonder why you were ever down in the first place.


3. Pamper yourself, you deserve it!
 Have a day to yourself at the spa. Or, if you are low on cash, invite over some friends and buy some cheap, at-home facials. Add a few mani-pedis in there and you will be more relaxed and beautiful in no time. When you go back to school, you’ll be so radiant guys will be knocking down your locker to get your number.


4. Halloween in February?
 Slasher films will keep you from eating pounds of chocolate and watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days for the 80th time in a row. Instead of watching your favorite chick flicks on repeat and crying over a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, pop in the latest Saw movie. You’ll be so disgusted that love will be the last thing on your mind.


5. A little retail therapy
Considering you aren’t buying your significant other anything of value for the holiday, why not get yourself a little something? Splurge on that Tory Burch tunic you’ve been drooling over in the window or those gorgeous pumps you’ve considered killing for. This is a holiday about love after all, and you deserve a little self-appreciation.


6. Being ‘just friends’ doesn’t mean you can’t date
 Even if he’s not your sweetie,, going out with a guy friend could be a way to feel less like a social outcast. Go somewhere low key and make fun of all the couples that are eating their spaghetti noodles Lady and the Tramp style. You’ll be having so much fun by then end that you may actually feel worse for people stuck in a cliché relationship.


7. Have a Freaky Friday moment
Put yourself in your parents’ shoes and let them relax for a change. Enlist the help of your siblings or friends and make a Valentine’s Day dinner for your parents. It could be a fun way to bond with your little brother plus your ‘rents will definitely appreciate your attempts.


8. Bond with a frenemy
Valentine’s Day is about love, and not only the romantic kind. Take measures to fix a quarrel you may have had with your favorite enemy. Although you may not be best friends at the end of the day, apologizing for putting your gum in her hair during the pep rally will make you feel better about yourself. People will also notice how sweet you are and will want to follow your example.          


9. Calling all singles!
 Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to throw a raging party. Chances are you aren’t the only one without a date, even if you feel that way. Invite singles (Ok, your coupled off friends can come, too), and have an anti-Valentine’s Day party. Play games that are girls vs. guys and see who really wins the battle of the sexes.


10. Get out those arts and crafts
Slip some notes into your best friends’ lockers to remind them how much you care. Spend some time the night before making homemade cards that are unique to each friend, that way when they compare gifts they will all feel like you did something special for them.


11. Clean out the closet
 Out with the old and in with the new! Holding on to a memento from a bad ex-boyfriend? Throw it out. No one needs a reminder of negative memories, plus it gives you more space for new ones. Also, don’t forget to check out your rookie clothing mistakes. Throw out anything you would be ashamed to be seen in at the Valentine’s Day dance and give it to a local clothing drive.


12. Be a guy for once
 Grab a deck of cards and your best girl friends and have a Poker night. Eating tons of pizza and gambling pretzels will get you out of the cheesy romantic mindset. You don’t have to scratch your armpits and smoke cigars, but you can unwind in a relaxed environment that allows you to be slightly less ladylike than usual.


13. Bump some jams
Look up where the local bands are playing or see if a big artist (like Ne-Yo and Trey Songz) is having a Valentine’s Day show. Chances are that it won’t be too packed, meaning your chances of getting your show t-shirt autographed are pretty high. If there aren’t any shows you’re interested in, have a dance party in your basement: grade school style. Grab your hairbrush and your favorite Britney CD and let loose.


14. Don’t dwell on the past
 Get in the car, burn a great road trip playlist and take a drive with your friends to check out some colleges or visit a relative in another city. Even if you aren’t looking at a school you’re particularly interested in, you can still learn some aspects about college life you are concerned about. It can also be a way to escape from the lovey-dovey atmosphere at home.


Whatever you do, don’t get desperate! Don’t let the fact that you’re single make you feel alone. By trying something off the list, you won’t be letting a relationship status on Facebook bring you down. And, who knows, you may even discover another talent to add to that ever-growing list of things you are awesome at.
-Megan Stein