13+ Ways to Have a Healthy Halloween

13+ Ways to Have a Healthy Halloween

My Halloween Guide by MyEververyzineCandy Corn

Candy corn, Twix, Skittles, oh my! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all the Halloween treats this month!  However, with a combination of making your own low-fat treats, choosing the right favorites and tips of moderation and dental care, October doesn’t have to be a gain-a-bigger-costume size month!

Pick and Choose
Choosing the right candy or portion size can— believe it or not— save some calories. Go for a light and airy candy like Musketeers Minis or Peppermint Patties than a denser filling treat to save close to 20 calories. You could munch on a tart fun-sized candy, like Warheads, that will take longer to eat, so you won’t each as much of it. Another treat that will have this same effect is a sweet fruit-flavored sucker (and enjoy a second bubble gum surprise at the end)! In fact one Charms Blow Pop has only 60 calories! You could also reach for Gummi Bears, a sweet and chewy deliciousness that rank as one of the most long-lasting treats.  Lastly, you could aim for moderation and low-calorie yummys in one delicious packet. A 100 Calorie Pack, like Oreo Crisps, is a great portion-controlled, low calorie treat you can enjoy!

Add Some Flare
Besides choosing the right candy size you could shake things up with a little boo added to your regular food items at your next Halloween party. A little pizazz to some ordinary items can help you move away from the high-calorie sugary candy into a delicious, fun treat!

Jack-O-Lantern Pizzas
Combine a little dough, some pizza sauce and cheese (low-fat cheese and wheat dough for a healthier option) and add some black and green olives to make a face like a carved pumpkin. For a cheaper version, try just purchasing refrigerator biscuits and cut them in half and add mini toppings to make a face. You will have a sure scary and fun treat!
Halloween Party Popcorn
With all the sweets of Halloween do you crave a salty treat as well? Why not combine popcorn (lightly buttered) with a combination of candy corn, nuts, gummy worms, orange and black M&M’s, and raisins to get the both of best worlds. And, think: Now that you mixed the sweets with popcorn you are eating them in moderation now, the best way not to gain any extra pounds!
Witches’ Brew
Add a float-type drink to your bash by combining orange or apple juice with a topping of a small scoop of orange sherbet or frozen yogurt (Two healthy options)! Add a few drops of green food coloring for a funky and scary twist!

Make your own
While you are making things, why not create your own healthier-version of Halloween treats to keep the pounds from scaring the bejesus out of your hips!?

Granola/cereal bars 
Make a batch of your own granola or cereal bars by combining a bunch of grains and oats with a combination of rice cereal, cinnamon, milk, honey, canola oil and vanilla extract. Add some chocolate chips raisins or fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. Check out this recipe for a how-to guide.

Trail mix

Mixing together a bunch of sweet and salty treats together will satisfy any craving and it is easy to make! You simply mix together a bunch of items and you are done! Here are some great combinations you can try. For a scary effect use orange and black colored items!

  •  Cashews, dried cherries, and dark chocolate chips
  •  Almonds, walnuts, dried apricots, dried cranberries, and milk chocolate chips
  •  Roasted almonds, dried ginger, and bittersweet chocolate chips
  •  Almonds, sunflower seeds, spicy wasabi peas, curry powder, and coconut flakes
  •  Pecans, raisins, dried figs, and peanut butter chips

Homemade Cracker Jacks
For this delicious treat you will need popped popcorn and combine it in a paper bag with a butter, white corn syrup, salt, baking soda and brown sugar mixture. The added plus of making this yourself is you can use light and non-fat ingredients (like plane popcorn, light butter etc.). You could also proportionally decrease the amount of the fatty and sugary items in the recipe to make it healthier, but still delicious! Here’s another recipe to try!
For this delicious treat that is just as good as a lollipop, but will keep you full, just boil unpeeled apples and mash them. Then combine the mashed apples with lemon juice, a small amount of sugar and cinnamon to taste. A great healthy treat!  Check out this recipe, too! 

Maintain Your Healthy Weight and Smile 
To keep the pounds off and feel just as great about how you look without guilt, make sure to keep Halloween candy to a small, moderate level. It’s alright if you love candy corn, but try eating a small handful (about 10 pieces) at one time per day. Make it a reward for doing something great that day (like you finally got the nerve to smile at the cutie in your class).  Or you could have one Twix bar at the end of your lunch as dessert, and that is it.  A nice small treat for you!

Besides moderation, don’t forget to keep exercising a little everyday. Even if it is walking to the neighborhood park instead of driving or having a after school dance session to get your energy back up, a little moving will go along way.

Sugary Halloween candy can wreak havoc on your pearly whites (which you will need to win over your teachers this year). So, during this time of year make sure to add an extra brush and floss session into your daily routine for a smile to brag about in all of those Halloween pics that will end up on Facebook.

Treat Yourself
Your costume size can stay the same with these great combinations of tips. Mix and match these scare-tastic ideas, but remember moderation and exercise are keys to being healthy and are especially important during All Hallow’s Eve!

— Kimberly Turner

Photo by  Mike Zienowicz