10 Amazing Halloween Costumes

10 Amazing Halloween Costumes

My Halloween Guide by MyEververyzine

Pan Am Halloween costume

Halloween is not the time to put on lingerie and pretend it’s a costume. It’s October, you’ll freeze! Here are ten costume ideas that are creative and cute. You can even make them a little sexy. Just do us all a favor and leave the leather leggings and cat whiskers in the back of the closet.

1. Pan Am
There’s a difference between stewardess and flight attendant. That difference is in the high flying drama starring Christina Ricci. The show is set in the 60s, so that means you can hit up the vintage store cute hat boxes and shoes. The outfit is easy, a cropped blazer, pencil skirt and lady-like gloves will give you a first class look. You can check out ebay for Pan-Am buttons. And Polyvore has adorable options that can be worn again!

2. Royal Wedding

Whether you’re a Catherine or a Pippa, it’s certainly a nice day for a white wedding. With or without a prince you’re sure to rule. For Pippa, web sites suggest padded underwear to create that perfect derriere under the long, white, cowl-neck dress. For Catherine, it may be a long shot to have a custom made Alexander McQueen gown, but you can replicate the look with a vintage style wedding dress. Search through grandma’s attic or check out thrift stores. You’ll need a wedding party too. Anyone down to portray Princess Beatrice can click here to learn how to make her famous headpiece.

3. Robin Hood

This adorable outfit from Mod Cloth is the perfect idea for someone who doesn’t have time to go all out. The outfit is the perfect day look without the bow and arrow and it’s always a bonus when you can re-use costumes for everyday wear.

4. Barbie and Ken
Bring the greatest love story to life with this awesome costume. No scouring through vintage clothes, everything you need is here. And for the lucky guy you choose to share Halloween with, his outfit is not too shabby either.

5. 1950s
Are you Sandra Dee or Rizzo? Halloween Costumes may not have an original name, but the Web site does have a large variety of one of the cutest decades ever. If you want to look cute, opt for a poodle skirt and saddle shoes. Feeling frisky? Tight capris and a short sleeve sweater are body-hugging yet give you coverage. 

6. Mona Lisa
You’re a work of art in this easy costume.  Just slip on the frame and keep your casual garb on. You’ll be an instant hit without spending too much time or money.

7. Aerobics Instructor
Leggings? Work-out shorts? Chunky socks? How about an old sweater? If you have these items, it’s time to get physical. Cut the collar of the sweater to give it an of the shoulder look, put your hair in a side ponytail and you’ll be ready to party in sweats. Bonus points if you tease your hair and wear blue eye-shadow.

8. O-M-Glee!

It’s no surprise that Glee characters made it to this list. Party City has a Sue Sylvester and a Cheerios cheerleading outfit for your TV viewing pleasure. And as for all cheerleaders, be sure to wear a pair of shorts underneath the skirt. If it’s a cold night, wear nude pantyhose for extra coverage.

9. Harry Potter
Yes, we’ve all seen the horrendous female Harry Potter costume that bares a lot of cleavage and a lot of leg. But who says you can’t wear the men’s costume? If you want to feminize it a bit wear tights and a short skirt under the cape. This allows a little bit of leg to poke through, but you can easily cover up too.

10. Audrey Hepburn
Well, it’s actually Holly Golightly
. Hepburn’s character in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” originated the LBD. The pearls, the long gloves and long cigarette holder (which will remain empty) make the outfit so rich and glamorous. Who doesn’t want to look glamorous on Halloween, or any day of the year, for that matter?
-Jenny McKeon