The Campaign

the campaign

When two comedic geniuses join forces, you know the product will be nothing short of amazing. The Campaign is a hilarious take on the political world, especially as this is an election year.

The comedy tells the story of a North Carolina Congressional election between two rivals: Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) and Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis). Although not an accurate depiction of an election process, the movie can be seen as a satire of sorts towards the way politics runs in the United States.

Cam Brady is a Democrat who believes he had a safe congressional seat with his unique slogan, “America. Jesus. Freedom.” Cam and his campaign manager, Mitch (Jason Sudeikis), are confident that he will receive the position as there is no one competing against him. This is where his rival Marty Huggins appears, a former tourism director and tour bus announcer.

There are numerous scenes that are just plain silly, but will have audiences laughing continuously anyways. Thus is the charm of Ferrell as he can make a fool out of himself, yet gain the respect of viewers for his comedic abilities. It’s a similar character type to his previous roles and has a striking resemblance to his George Bush impersonation he did so well while on Saturday Night Live. Galifianakis, on the other hand, plays a character unlike any he has ever portrayed before. His character demeanor by itself is extremely funny and makes The Campaign a movie worth watching.

A truly funny scene is when Marty asks his family at the dinner table if they have any secrets that could be used against him if found out during the campaign. The answers he receives are definitely unexpected and an iconic moment in the movie. The humor relies on crazy situations and odd characters, but if you are able to not take the movie’s political spin seriously, then you will truly enjoy this comedy.

Trust ME: If you’re a fan of Ferrell’s previous works like Anchorman, then The Campaign will become a favorite.

-Ivetta Babadjanian