Prom date



Ever want to just get in a circle, put your shoes in and dance? Prom is the best time to do this— in style. Bringing your glam to Prom with a group of friends and forgetting about a date can lead to an amazing Prom experience without all the stress of who is asking whom. Take it from me: I went to my junior Prom with a limo full of friends and had way more fun than going with a date for my senior ball (I ended up ditching my date in favor of dancing with some of the girls!). Grab a friend (guy or girl) and put your dancing shoes on, and check out advice from Prom veterans about how to have the best Prom ever.
Date or Friend?
So Prom is this close and you’re single: You start getting nervous about who to ask and how or who is going to ask you. Ditch those worries, keep it simple and grab your other friends! Prom is about having fun and looking amazing, nothing else should matter. Don’t girls just want to have fun? “I only went to my senior Prom, but it was great,” said former Burrillville high school Prom veteran, Courtney Wilson. “We took a limo with like ten people, and it was fun with a lot of dancing.”
When deciding the date situation, keep in mind who you think is going to provide the most comic relief, the best laughs and an overall great time. Would you rather hang out with a date you barely know or the people who you eat lunch with, talk about classes and gush about the class cuties?

Prom Night
Sure it is fun to get your hair and makeup done, pair it up with the most stunning dress and take pictures next to a dashing boy (with both your parents cooing). Then you slip into a limo with other couples, after taking couples pictures, and discuss how excited you are. You get to Prom, dance a little bit, laugh a lot and just chill.  
But, imagine this: You and a few of your closest friends meet up for a hair appointment. After you are all finished oogling over each other’s gorgeous stylish locks, you head over to another friends house to add makeup to the mix, each taking turns to do each other’s. Then you all pile in a limo (of course after pictures are taken with the besties) and you crank up the music as you head to dinner. Then you dance the night away, turning heads with your beauty and your confidence.
Both situations are fun, but the latter takes the pressure off Prom and date protocol. Option #1: You practice traditional Prom expectations and can even mix in date and friends (lets hope your date gets along with them). Option #2: You’re with the people you care about most! You don’t need a date to have fun!
Schroeder High School Prom vet Jessica Tanney experienced both situations. “I had a better time at the ball [when] I attended with mutual friends rather than a boyfriend.”

Capture It
Whether you’re with a date, friends or a mix of both, don’t forget to take pictures! “I went with a date, but we all hung out in groups with everybody,” Calhoun School Prom vet Sara Elena said. “It was chill and stress-free and we all took pictures. Riding in the limo with friends was kind of cool because we got to do some things the ‘traditional’ way.”
Whether it be a traditional or a unique Prom experience just throw up your your hands, dance and have fun. “My favorite part of going with a friend was that the emphasis was on everyone having an experience together not just with a date,”  said Donna Missal, a Somerset County Vocational and technical performing arts Prom vet. “It could just be a fun dance.”
-Kimberly Turner