Asking out someone you like isn’t just a Prom matter, it’s one that people face every day. How do you avoid it? Well, when we got to hang with Prom’s Nicholas Braun, he gave ME tips on how to lessen your chances of getting rejected by that special someone you’ve had your eye on. He’s practically an expert! In the movie, Nicholas’ character has a hard time trying to ask a girl to Prom, find out what he had to say and read the review.

-Marjorie Yan

Sparks fly between Thomas McDonell and Aimee Teegarden

Move over, Say Anything and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; there’s a new teen classic in town and its name is Prom. The script, penned by newcomer Katie Welch, is witty, charming and sentimental in all the right places. It’s brought to life by a fresh, young, talented cast including  Friday Night Lights’ Aimee Teegarden and “10 Things I Hate About You’s” Nicholas Braun.

The StoryProm Review 
Directed by Joe Nussbaum (Sleepover, Sydney White), Prom captures every bit of the drama that comes along with high school’s biggest night: the dress hysteria, the decorations and th e pressure it puts on the couples and the singles.  It centers around 14 high-schoolers and their various Prom-related struggles.  The story really begins when all of the Prom committee’s hard work goes up in flames. With a show-must-go-on attitude, Senior Class President Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden) takes on the task of recreating all that was lost with only three weeks left before the big day.  In order to graduate, delinquent Jesse Richter (Thomas McDonell) must help Nova in her efforts to put together a spectacular Prom.  At first, personalities clash, but, before long (Surprise!), sparks begin to fly.  

 The Cast
Aimee Teegarden gives a worthy performance as perfectionist Nova, but the character is a little bit overdone and pales in comparison to McDonell’s rebellious Jesse, who steals the screen with his
brooding brown eyes and smug delivery.  He looks just like a young Johnny Depp (He’s set to play the teen version of the famous actor in the upcoming film Dark Shadows).  This skilled hottie plays Jesse with a whole lot of poise; His lines fall off his lips like he made them up.  McDonell is truly a modern day James Dean, breathing life into a tired cliché; he makes it good to be a bad boy again.  

Getting creative with Prom invitations

Another triumph for the guys is Nicholas Braun as the perpetually dateless Lloyd Taylor.  Lloyd is adorably awkward, a true romantic who lacks in the swagger it takes to pull off the grand gestures he dreams up.  His asking mishaps are some of the funniest scenes in the film, and his quirky portrayal will surely land him comparisons to a young John Cusack.  

The ladies kind of take a back seat in this stud-filled teen movie, but Danielle Campbell’s Simone is a memorable character, mainly because her pretty face gets a lot of camera time.  Her big eyes convey the innocence and vulnerability necessary for her character, a naïve sophomore who hasn’t yet realized she’s totally stunning.  However, sometimes Simone’s innocence fades to plain old vacancy in those giant eyes, and Campbell becomes more of a camera object than a character. 

The rest of the cast do a great job at making this an ensemble movie, really committing to the subplots that make this movie magical.  Mei Kwan (Yin Chang) and Justin Wexler (Jared Kusnitz) successfully portray high school sweethearts struggling to hold onto their relationship as they prepare to enter the adult world of college.  Nolan Sotillo rocks as a baby-faced underclassman Lucas Arnaz, coping with a raging case of love-sickness for the first time in his life.  De’Vaugh Nixon is convincing as Tyler Barso, a conceited athlete-type that’ll seem familiar to anyone who’s attended a high school where jocks rule the campus and the hearts of every girl in the student body.  And Kylie Bunbury’s Jordan Lundley is a breath of fresh air as a popular girl who isn’t blonde, and is collected and confident rather than catty and cruel. 

The Music 
’s soundtrack is another one of its many pluses.  It’s like an iPod playlist stolen from that cool girl in your math class who goes thrifting and can pull off chunky rings and glasses without lenses in them.  The soundtrack of “Prom” is a nonstop indie-fest, with songs by Neon Trees, Passion Pit, Allstar Weekend and more.  The music, paired with powerful cinematography (the happy scenes are perfectly bright, the emotional scenes contrastingly dimmer), makes Prom one of Disney’s best.  

Prom takes the generic good-girl-meets-bad-boy plot and gives us bright young stars, believable chemistry, funny and heart-breaking subplots with the crazy, stressful, expensive and utterly perfect event that is Prom as the backdrop. Prom is a movie that allows us to turn to our parents and say: Hey, your generation may have had the Brat Pack and John Hughes, but our generation came just as close to capturing that entire teen experience in a smart, funny and touching feature film.
– Karina Stow

Photo credit: Richard Foreman Jr. © Disney Enterprises, Inc.

 Prom perfect fashionistaProm tickets, check. Limo, check. Head-turning-one-of-a-kind dress, check! With only days left to spare, every second (and every dollar) counts. By adding in these simple steps four days before the big night, you will look and feel stunning (and still have money in your metallic clutch purse)!

Manicure in a box
Planning on a do-it-yourself mani/pedi the night before Prom and looking for the easiest way of doing so? We at ME found the answer for frugal fashionistas: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. This new $10 product not only costs way less than an actual salon mani/pedi, but also lasts 10 days! Wash your hands, take off the Nail Polish Strips, carefully place them on each finger and toe, and file the unused parts of the strips away. Now, you have one less task to worry about on Prom day.

Get smooth…
Elbows are probably the most neglected body parts, and the most deserving of our attention. Think about it: we abuse our elbows on a daily basis by pounding and pressing on them, which causes low blood circulation and over-stretched skin. In order to remove the roughness and get those elbows silky soft, look no further than your kitchen for proper “rough buffers”! You’ll need one lemon, baking soda and olive oil.

Squeeze out the juice from the lemon. Then, pour a teaspoon of baking soda into the lemon, place your elbow inside of it and make circles with your elbows. Do the same with your other elbow. Rinse and dry both of them after three minutes of circling. Finally, rub olive oil on your elbows, making sure to rub every crease of your elbow.

By following these steps, your elbows will be light and smooth in four days or less! Feel confident enough to pose for side pictures with your Prom date and flaunt your lightened and smooth elbows while showing off the detailed back of your Grecian inspired dress!

Crunch time!
If you want to feel great on Prom night, consider doing crunches. Crunches help tighten your tummy, and they’re not at all time consuming. Pair this with a healthy diet and you’ll feel confident and ready for pictures galore at Prom. Eating candy and a burger the night before Prom, however, can cause unwanted bloating.

Break ‘em in

Here’s an equation everyone can use:  Brand new heels + hours of dancing = your foot’s worst nightmare! If you’re planning on buying new shoes for Prom, make your night a more comfortable experience by wearing your high heels four or more nights before Prom night to break them in. By wearing your high heels with tube socks around the house for at least thirty minutes a day, you’ll be molding them to conform to your feet, leading to a more comfortable fit and more toned calves!  Even if you feel that you’re ready to take on the dance floor with 4-inch heels, be safe and carry a pair of rubber flats or flip-flops. KushyFoot offers Flats to go—“affordable, purse-packable and elegant relief for weary feet.” They’re cute and cheap (only $8.99!) ballet flats that can fit in any size purse!

Put your game face on

If you’re planning on doing your own makeup for Prom, be sure to practice one or two days before the big night. YouTube has SO many make-up tutorials for Prom from talented girls just like you. From naturally beautiful to extraordinarily fierce, there is a look out there for you! Also, if you’re looking for a quick way to tighten your pores pre-makeup application, use an ice cube and rub away! Ice cubes are known to increase blood circulation and provide a natural blush to your cheekbones. 

Tell ME: What is your frugal pre-Prom tip?
-Grace Gavilanes

Photo by Chris Willis

Allstar Weekend sat down with ME when they made a stop in Anaheim, California on the GLMR KLLS tour. We got behind the scenes details on how the band got together and what crazy things they’re up to next!

When Allstar Weekend’s guitarist and vocalist Nathan Darmody,19, walked up to Michael Martinez’s, 21, front door, he was just looking for a drummer for his local band. Little did he know, within the next few years they— along with lead singer Zach Porter, 21, and bassist Cameron Quiseng, 20— would get signed to Hollywood Records, live their dream of touring the country and have a lead single for Disney’s new movie, Prom.

“We did it in a very traditional way. We started in the garage. I think the day that we all met together was at my house. It was the complete package,” Nathan said.

Before they became Allstar Weekend, Nathan was finishing up high scNathan saidhool while Cameron and Zach were starting college.

“Zach went to San Diego State University and lived in the dorms. Every weekend we hung out in the dorms. We started writing songs in Zach’s dorm before all of this happened.” Cameron said.

Ask Rebecca Black and she’ll tell you fame is around the corner with a good (or bad) YouTube video. But, the members of Allstar Weekend say they got signed and the opportunity to tour the country because of their hard work promoting themselves in person.

“We all grew up together in the same town in Poway, California.  We were all into music and we all started playing pool parties, battle of the bands at schools and clubs.” Zach said.

When the guys needed to get their name out there, their manager suggested they promote themselves outside of concerts and shows, Nathan said he thought the idea was crazy at first.

“Growing up, we all went to concerts and every time you walk out of a venue there are people handing out flyers. You are thinking to yourself, ‘I’d hate to be that guy.’” Cameron said.

Cameron saysThe guys promoted outside Jonas Brothers concerts in hopes of gaining a fan base through flyers and sample CDs.

“The trick was we dressed up like the Jonas Brothers. We wore ties and we looked like we were part of the show. People thought we were part of the show and we passed out flyers.” Zach said. “It was kind of weird. These girls would scream and chase us because they just thought we were an important band. They just went crazy.”

After promoting outside of different tours and movie premieres, a casting director got the guys to compete on Radio Disney’s competition, “Next Big Thing.”

“We ended up losing, but because of it we went from being just a band on MySpace playing local shows in town, to a band that had a song on the radio that kids all over the country could hear and then we got signed.” Cameron said.

Now that they’re becoming a household name, the guys continue to write their own music and perform shows for their fans. However, they do admit they still have to deal with haters and people who don’t support them as artists.

“You really only have to know one thing which is stay true to yourself. You’re going to have haters and people that don’t like you, but you just have to be you.” Cameron said.

Nathan said he thinks haters don’t really have a problem with you, but with themselves.

“They could be jealous of the opportunity and that you’re taking a risk, being courageous and doing your own thing,” he said. “We were very fortunate and all got really lucky to meet in high school and have something in common.  We’re very fortunate to write great songs and meet all these people in our lives.”

The guys are currently signed with to Hollywood Records (the same label as the Jonas Brothers!) and are currently on the Glamour Kills (GLMR KLLS) tour with headliner, The Ready Set. This summer, they’re opening for Selena Gomez, and will release a new album in June or July.

The new album will feature their current single, “Not Your Birthday,” which is also featured in Disney’s upcoming movie Prom. “People are really going to be surprised,” Zach said. “It has a very unique Allstar Weekend sound to it.”
-Marjorie Yan


beautiful shoes for prom

Think of Etsy as your virtual vintage shop. The plus side: There’s no searching through racks of clothes for that one shirt you can’t seem find or falling in love with a pair of shoes only to realize that they’re not your size. Etsy will be a lifesaver this Prom season if you’re worried about someone wearing the same as you. Everything here is one-of-a-kind.


With Etsy, the perfect pair of shoes are right at your fingertips. Take those royal blue peacock pumps for example. They are a sure-fire way to look stunningly unique at Prom. The royal blue color is, as its name suggests, absolutely regal. And the peacock feathers add a bit of color to make the pumps to grab even more attention. If almost 5-inch heels sound painful to you, don’t worry. You can get the same pair of pumps with 2.5-inch heels as well.


Prom accessoryShop at Etsy and your prom accessories will be timeless. This Steampunk clockwork ring is absolutely stunning. The details are so realistic. The ring truly looks like the inside of a clock. The red jewel at the top adds more sophistication to the already sophisticated ring. But, the intricate details don’t stop there. The band of the ring shows multiple swirls, making it perfect for younger ladies. Tell me, where else would find such a unique accessory?

 Look for things that make you do a double-take, like this button bracelet. The sunflower seeds-inspired colors look great. This bracelet looks like something you’d find on the beach. For only eighteen bucks, this bracelet would be a spunky touch to a light-colored prom outfit.

 Wait a sec! If you do happen to fall in love with any item on Etsy, make sure you purchase it a lot of time in advance. Items on Etsy are hand-crafted by people all over the world. So, if you’re ordering something from Australia, don’t expect it to arrive at your doorstep a couple of days later. For your assurance, use the Geolocator. The Geolocator allows you to only search through shops in specific locations. So, if you’re in a pinch for time, your best bet would be to set that location to the United States so your item arrives in time for prom. The ‘Shop Local’ option is even better. It lets you narrow down your search to shops only in your state, or even your hometown.

 -Aliyyah Camp


Prom DateWhen it comes to Prom, sometimes people just don’t get it and you have to take things into your own hands. Maybe you even have to ask them right upfront, and trust ME, we’ve got some great ideas for you. If you are of the timid type (don’t worry, plenty of us are) and need some helpful tips about how to drop a hint you’ve come to the right place. Read these simple tips and you’ll have him or her thinking about you in no time.

Write This Down
Leave notes everywhere in their path. Have one saying “Someone wants to go to prom with you” another perhaps saying, “He/she is closer than you think.” Then leave little presents that will remind your potential date of who you are. Make sure they are specific so that they don’t think it is someone else! Either way, you’ll put prom night, and you, on the mind.

Is This a Setup?
It may seem corny, but try to set your friends up with his/her friends. Or if you know your friend is interested, bring it up to them and add, “How fun it would be if we all went together?” You’ll bring up the idea of how easy it would be to all go as a big group. Lots of guys want prom to be simple, and what’s easier than taking someone plus having friends there as a back up?


Something Seems Fishy
If you are planning to eventually ask him/her if they don’t get the hint, this is a great starting point. Leave goldfish crackers everywhere; their locker, outside their car, even at their lunch table. They will eventually catch on that something is happening and be curious. Follow it up by asking them out with the classic “Let the Fish do the Talking” scheme.

The Casual Mention
In your regular conversation with your, hopefully, date to be, mention the ways that your friends are being asked to prom and how you are still waiting for your date to ask. If they pick up on it, they’ll realize they need to get to it and ask you already! If not, follow up by asking who they are going to prom with or make a joke about how much fun you’d have together. 

Admire From Afar
If the person you want to ask you is more of a secret desire then you need to start building a friendship now, but don’t start it off with prom. Put yourself out there! They will be excited about a new acquaintance that cares about things other than the big dance, and you will be fresh on their mind when they think about who they want to take.

The Girlfriend Card

Your friends are there for a reason. If (and ONLY if) they are mutual friends with the person you have an eye on, have them put in a good word. Your potential date may not even know, or have picked up on the fact that you are interested. Sometimes all it takes is a little name drop from your friends to get the ball rolling. You could even ask them to post a link to ME’s stellar prom ask outs on their Facebook wall! This can only be used once, however, seeing as you don’t want to freak him/her out or overwhelm them.

It’s the Little Things
Talk, but not constantly, about your prom details. Make it blatantly obvious that you are dateless, and ask if they are excited.  Talk about how much fun it’s going to be, but then change the subject after awhile. Make sure you’re pre-date conversations are comfortable so that the other person can think about asking you without nerves getting in the way.

Sneak Attack
Go out on a pre-date before prom! Ask if they want to see a movie or go to the school baseball game that weekend. Don’t come right out and say it’s a date, that way if you both have fun it will definitely get them thinking about how awesome it would be to go to the dance together. They may even think it was their idea in the first place! And, on the plus side, if things are awkward you’ll realize that it wasn’t worth it and will still have time to look for a new prom prospect.

Don’t Seem Desperate
You don’t want that special someone to think you are drooling over them. When you ask who they are taking, they will most likely ask you the same question in return. Say you have a few options, but there’s someone that hasn’t asked that you’ve got an eye on. This puts you more in control, but also signals to him/her that you’re a bit mysterious. This way you’ll be on their mind until they break down and ask you.

Friends are Key
If you have mutual friends, talk to them and try to get some insider info. They won’t be alarmed, and will most likely have the answer. However, be aware that the fact you asked will probably get back to him/her. This is a plus because it means that they will know you are interested. And if they already have a date they will still think it’s sweet you thought of them.

Come Out and Say it!
If all else fails, tell him/her you want to be their date! Say how excited you are for prom and mention you’d love to go with them. Although this may be scary at first, remember to be confident. People respond well to those who aren’t afraid to say what they think. Either way, you’ll feel great about the fact that you said what you needed to say and didn’t beat around the bush.
-Megan Stein