Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

With school in session, it can be difficult to find time in your hectic schedule of classes, meetings and sports practice to sit down and watch your favorite shows when they are actually on TV. Count on Netflix Instant Watch for a great study break when you a get a minute (or 30). With so many hit TV series from so many years, it can be hard to choose what shows are worth your limited time. No sweat! We at ME picked out five of the greatest shows that will make your laugh, cry and smile!


1. Pretty Little Liars
Suspense, love, drama and friendships are all rolled into one tv series when a young girl named Alison is murdered in a small town. After her death, an unknown person stalks her four closest friends. Each episode draws you in more as her murder case builds and builds.  After a long day at school, it can be fun to become enthralled in this daring teen mystery.

2. Wonder Years
Kick back with this throwback show from the 90s. This series takes a look into the life of ordinary family matters and zeroes in on a young boy who is entering adolescence. While the style and trends might be a bit outdated, the stories are ones we can all identify with.

3. Melissa and Joey
While Melissa is having the time of her life being a hot young politician, she must learn to grow up when her sister is thrown in jail. Once she takes custody of her sister’s two teenage children, she realizes she cannot do it alone and decides to hire a guy named Joey as the new nanny. This half hour comedy will have you cracking up at the funny scenarios that Melissa and Joey find themselves in while trying to raise two teenagers.

4. Friday Night Lights
This drama gives you an inside look into the intensity of high school football programs in Texas. It shows the tough and exciting times that a specific Texas team goes through to prepare for a season while trying to balance school, girls, family and the will to win. Even though its drama from start to finish, all that matters to the boys on the show is when everyone is cheering their name when the lights flick on for Friday night football game.

5. How I Met Your Mother
In this series, you are led down a romantic journey of a man looking for the love of his life. The show is based on flashbacks, while its voice-overs are of Ted from the future telling his children the story of how he met their mother. As you watch the show and the romantic relationships that develop, you are also wondering who is the children’s mother.
These five shows will be sure to have you on an emotional rollercoaster with all the dramas, comedies, family moments and romantic stories. No matter what you’re going through, you can find relatable scenarios or just a distraction from daily life with Netflix’s instant watch TV shows.
Jenna Cusumano

pretty little liars

Pretty Little Liars, our guilty pleasure television series, hooked audiences with its chilling mysteries and enviable style. Last season ended with the revelation of who was behind all of the trouble for the Liars—Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna—and left everyone desperate for more.

With Mona revealed to be “A” and her placement in a mental institution, it seems that our four heroines should now be breathing a whole lot easier.  Well, think again, because this season premiere was all over the place!
This latest episode, which aired on Tuesday night, picks up five months after the last episode concluded. The girls are all back in Rosewood after a summer apart, but Emily is definitely not coping well with the discovery of Maya’s body from one of the cliffhanger’s last season. Her normally sweet and bright personality has been warped by a summer of too much partying, even blacking out from alcohol consumption. Emily’s blacking out complicates everything when the other girls discover her at Ali’s grave, which has been dug up, and she has zero recollection of who led her there. Emily, we know losing Maya was traumatic for you, but really, now you’re just making easy work for whoever is stirring all this muck around you!
We see a lot of swoon-worthy moments between Aria and Ezra and it looks as if Aria’s mother is beginning to get onboard with this relationship after all, even though it seems that it was the final straw in ending the marriage between Aria’s parents. We see a bit of Spencer and Toby loveliness and as a bonus, we get an eyeful of Toby’s wonderland of abs!
As for Hanna, she has kept a little nugget of information to herself these past few months. She has been visiting Mona in the mental facility!  Hanna, we know that you two used to be tight, but come on!  How can you stomach being in the same tiny, padded cell of a room with her!
Of course, nothing has changed for our Pretty Little Liars. With doubts about Garrett’s guilt in Ali’s murder, no leads on Maya’s death, the questions surrounding the dug up grave, and confusions about exactly how many “A’s” are present in Rosewood, there should be plenty of twists and turns to keep our girls busy and terrified for their lives, and us on the edges of our seats. Get ready because another season of Pretty Little Liars has begun!

-Amy Lauren

The Cast of Pretty Little Liars

It’s only been about three months since the season 2 finale of Pretty Little Liars, but just waiting another week for a new episode can be torture. Three months might as well be an eternity after the huge cliffhangers we were left with in the last episode.
All this time has given ME a chance to think about what’s happened on the show and what’s next. With a show so compelling, we obviously have a ton of questions, but we’ve cut it down to eight burning ones we can’t wait to find the answers to.
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What happened to Maya?
Poor, Em. She’s only been in love twice and both women were murdered. If you’re a die-hard fan, it wasn’t hard to notice the parallels between the discovery of Maya’s body and Alison’s; something showrunner Marlene King said was intentional. Does that mean they were killed by the same person or for the same reason? When Emily went looking for Maya, an employee at the bus station did say he saw her talking to someone in a car with tinted windows. If you ask ME, this has ‘A’ written all over it. Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily, even alluded to the fact that ‘A’ did kill Maya (or at least Emily thinks so) in an interview, saying: “‘A’ has done other things before that have been quite serious, but now you’ve killed somebody who’s extremely close to [Emily].”

Have Aria’s parents changed their minds about Ezra?
In the season 3 promo there’s a very sweet moment between Aria and her boyfriend (and former English teacher), Ezra, in what seems to be his kitchen. But when they revealed their relationship to Aria’s parents last season, it didn’t exactly go over well. After her family did everything possible to alienate Ezra and make him go away, it’s hard to believe they’ve changed their minds. Since he left for a short time, him coming back would be a confirmation that he’s still in love with Aria, meaning dear old mom and dad are probably watching her like a hawk. With the way her father reacted to the situation, we have a hard time believing he’ll invite Ezra over for dinner anytime soon, even if he is allowing them to date.

Exactly how close are Spencer and Toby?

Don’t act like you didn’t see that butt grab when they kissed in the promo. Let’s also not pretend that you didn’t replay it three times. After keeping Spoby separated for what seemed like forever, we finally get to see the lovebirds together again. Since Toby’s shirt was off in the preview, Spencer was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and Toby’s hair is wet like he just got out of the shower, how close have they actually gotten? We don’t remember Toby being so frisky during their first relationship, which begs the question—did Spencer lose her V-Card?
What’s up with the teeth necklace Emily receives?

If you blink during the promo, you’ll miss the short shot of a teeth necklace Emily’s holding with a message that reads: “CANT SMILE” with what looks like a canine tooth separating the words. Creepy, right? There are other squares on the necklace, so it could be part of a larger message. We’re wondering whose teeth they are and if they taken from a live person or someone ‘A’ killed? Since ‘A’ is definitely capable of murder, torture wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Whose grave is dug up?

In the season 3 promo, the girls stand in front of an empty grave. Our first assumption is that it belongs to Alison, but it could easily belong to Maya or even Ian. If this show has taught us anything, it’s that you never know where this conspiracy is going to turn.
Who visited Mona in the psychiatric hospital at the end of season 2?

Although the main characters don’t seem to know yet, there’s apparently a team of people—not just one—who watch them and send the text messages. According to King, even though she didn’t participate in two things that happened to the girls, Mona is definitely ‘A,’ so whoever visited her at Radley Sanitarium probably wasn’t a shot caller, but definitely a partner in crime. The person was wearing a red coat, like what Alison wore when posing as Vivian Darkbloom to spy on ‘A,’ which seems too obvious of a clue for it to actually be Ali.

Did Garret really kill Allison?

We’re not on Garret’s team or anything, but it’s hard to believe he’s the only one who helped Ian kill Alison (That seems to be the story the police was going with after his arrest). For a girl so young, there were a lot of people who had the motive to murder her, including Spencer’s sister, Melissa, Jenna, Mona and even Alison’s brother, Jason.
Is Ali really dead?

We know, we know. There was a corpse and an autopsy. But stay with us because we’re about to blow your mind. In the books, the girl everyone knows as Alison turns out to be her twin sister, Courtney DiLaurentis, who was sent to an insane asylum. Ali murders her sister in the book series and then goes into hiding. In the Halloween episode, if you look closely during the scene where Jason comes to Ali’s room you can spot a family photo on the wall of him and his twin sisters! Also in the episode, Ali tells a scary story about one twin killing another, which leads us to believe either she either killed Courtney or Courtney killed Alison and is impersonating her. If Alison actually is alive, it would explain how she keeps showing up in supposed hallucinations to help the girls. If they’re both alive, it’s also safe to assume that the person who visits Mona is actually Courtney DiLaurentis. We may soon find some answers because in an interview Sascha Pierterse, who plays Ali on the show, said there’s a situation concerning her character we’ll be introduced to in season 3.
Whether they answer our questions or not (We really hope they do!), this season is sure to be full of the twists and turns all Pretty Little Liar fans love. Plus, it’ll definitely give us more questions to discuss. Do you have any burning questions you’d like to see answered in season 3?
—Brianti Downing

Arden Cho

 1. Born on August 16, most of Cho’s childhood was spent in Texas, and her late teenage years spent in Minnesota.

2. Arden is very talented! She has done cheerleading (8 years, including college), gymnastics (6 years), playing the piano (eight years) and cello (six years). Unbelievably amazing!

3. She attended the University of Illinois with and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and also studied Theatrical Training.

4. In 2004, Arden Cho was named Miss Korea Chicago (1st place) and competed in the Miss Korea Pageant in Seoul, South Korea for the honor of representing South Korea in the Miss Universe Pageant.

5. She visited Africa in the summer of 2007 before her move to Los Angeles on a two-month Humanitarian trip to Kenya. How awesoME!

6. She was featured in the 2008 Spring Campaign for Alexander McQueen’s teen line McQ appearing in fashion magazines Vogue, Purple Fashion and Nylon.

7. Arden has done modeling for brands like Tokidoki, Reebok, Nike, McDonalds and Apple.

8. She is fluent in Korean.

9. Her music tastes include Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Kelly Clarkson, Michael Buble and Christina Aguilera. (Only to name a few). She sings, too! Check out her five best YouTube covers.

10. Some of the fun things she enjoys doing are ice skating, snow skiing, softball, rollerblading and horseback riding.

11. Even with all of the exposure and experience Arden has earned, she admits she still gets nervous, but that’s what she loves about it all, the rush and excitement.

Want more Arden Cho? Find out how she did in Agents of Secret Stuff, Starring Arden Cho and Ryan Higa!
—Marjorie Yan