Pretty Little Liars

With school in session, it can be difficult to find time in your hectic schedule of classes, meetings and sports practice to sit down and watch your favorite shows when they are actually on TV. Count on Netflix Instant Watch for a great study break when you a get a minute (or 30). With so many hit TV series from so many years, it can be hard to choose what shows are worth your limited time. No sweat! We at ME picked out five of the greatest shows that will make your laugh, cry and smile!


1. Pretty Little Liars
Suspense, love, drama and friendships are all rolled into one tv series when a young girl named Alison is murdered in a small town. After her death, an unknown person stalks her four closest friends. Each episode draws you in more as her murder case builds and builds.  After a long day at school, it can be fun to become enthralled in this daring teen mystery.

2. Wonder Years
Kick back with this throwback show from the 90s. This series takes a look into the life of ordinary family matters and zeroes in on a young boy who is entering adolescence. While the style and trends might be a bit outdated, the stories are ones we can all identify with.

3. Melissa and Joey
While Melissa is having the time of her life being a hot young politician, she must learn to grow up when her sister is thrown in jail. Once she takes custody of her sister’s two teenage children, she realizes she cannot do it alone and decides to hire a guy named Joey as the new nanny. This half hour comedy will have you cracking up at the funny scenarios that Melissa and Joey find themselves in while trying to raise two teenagers.

4. Friday Night Lights
This drama gives you an inside look into the intensity of high school football programs in Texas. It shows the tough and exciting times that a specific Texas team goes through to prepare for a season while trying to balance school, girls, family and the will to win. Even though its drama from start to finish, all that matters to the boys on the show is when everyone is cheering their name when the lights flick on for Friday night football game.

5. How I Met Your Mother
In this series, you are led down a romantic journey of a man looking for the love of his life. The show is based on flashbacks, while its voice-overs are of Ted from the future telling his children the story of how he met their mother. As you watch the show and the romantic relationships that develop, you are also wondering who is the children’s mother.
These five shows will be sure to have you on an emotional rollercoaster with all the dramas, comedies, family moments and romantic stories. No matter what you’re going through, you can find relatable scenarios or just a distraction from daily life with Netflix’s instant watch TV shows.
Jenna Cusumano