My Life

My Life

Google honored inventor and actress Hedy Lamarr with an animated doodle. In a nutshell, she was a total boss who did not let her...

Ever find yourself mindlessly staring at your closet in the morning wondering what to wear? It happens to us at ME all the time....

Meet Hannah Brencher. She’s the professional love letter writer behind The World Needs More Love Letters—a social media driven movement aimed to lift broken spirits and instill self-confidence. Today, she and her team of writers have left scripted love letters around the world—spanning six continents! We had the chance to meet the awesoME girl behind this incredible organization. Here’s her story.

To celebrate Bethany Mota's latest Aéropostale fashion line, we at ME decided to showcase some of our favorite videos from the YouTube quee

ChickRx founders and long-time friends Meghan Muntean and Stacey Borden were working for Wall Street and Apple respectively before they decided to build a health and wellness website for young women that is fun, informative and fast growing. They even won the 2010 New Media Women Entrepreneur award before the ChickRx came to be.

Superstar U.S. Olympic Gymnast McKayla is not impressed. Well, at least that’s what the tumblr says after photographers caught McKayla Maroney’s sour expression after winning a silver medal for the vault. “I really didn’t deserve to win a gold medal if I fall on my butt,” she said. “I was still happy with a silver, but it’s still just sad.” We get it: sometimes things just don’t go the way we plan. Here are a couple tips to make sure you don’t get caught wearing your frustration where everyone can see.

As the youngest web editor ever hired at Hearst Digital Media, Tammy Tibbetts launched three websites: (now,, a website for Latinas celebrating their Quinceañera (15th birthday), and, the first national directory designed to encourage teen girls around the country to donate their special occasion dresses to those who could not afford them.

Allyson Ahlstrom has more on her plate than the average high school junior: she’s a soccer player, a member of the track team, a pianist, and junior class president. That would be plenty for most, but Allyson made time to found Threads For Teens, an organization that assists less fortunate teen girls in her area, and she now continually finds about 15 hours of her week to devote to being CEO of it! In January of 2010, the ambitious 16-year-old began Threads For Teens, an organization that provides a customized shopping experience for under-privileged girls aged 13-17 in the Sonoma County area of NorCal who are nominated by a social worker, foster parent, or school counselor. Each girl receives “two tops, two bottoms, a dress (formal or casual), a pair of shoes, a jacket, two accessories, and other small items”.

One of the most interesting things about dating is getting to know the person that you are with. But what happens when that person is a sorcerer and living in the other side of the country? That’s sometimes the case when it comes to relationships that bloomed from an online game and continue into reality. This type of romance is becoming the norm as technology gets more involved with our personal lives.