Motion City Soundtrack

motion city soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack is back with their fifth album “Go”—a sound that has grown and changed as the band pushes their boundaries in order to explore their horizons. Be sure to pay close attention to the lyrics for each of the songs, as they are the highlight of this album.
Most of the tracks on “Go” are upbeat and manage to bring together some of that old fashioned punk rock their fans are eager for with a hint of some synthesizers to create a relatively new sound. “Circuits and Wires” is a fun song that makes you want to jump around and rock out with an air guitar. “True Romance,” which was the first single they released from the album, is an extremely catchy song. The keyboards, however, don’t seem to add that great element the band was going for and are an unnecessary addition to the track.
“Sun of a Gun” starts off with the acoustic guitar and slowly builds into another upbeat song, with a bit of a slower tempo as compared to the other songs. It’s not a bad song, but it can be deemed as one of the weaker songs on the album. “Timelines,” on the other hand, is a definite high point for the album. The lyrics are relatable to everyone and I can see the chorus of this song being used as the catchy background music to a movie trailer.

The album begins to become more vulnerable with tracks like “Everyone Will Die” with dark lyrics that tug on the heartstrings. The instrumentals of the song really personify the mood of the song and gives it a more epic feel. The greatest intro of any of the songs on this album would have to go to “Happy Anniversary.” The song starts off slow and gives off a creepy feeling as the lead singer sings softly accompanied only with a few notes of a piano. The song builds after the intro, as most of the songs tend to do on this album, but manages to maintain that sense of oddity to the song which makes it truly stand out.

Overall, this album has some great songs that will help broaden Motion City Soundtrack’s popularity and prestige. While it ultimately is a rock album, the soft sound and catchy lyrics makes it more versatile. Anyone can find a song that stands out to them while listening to “Go.”

Ivetta Babadjanian