Endlessly searching for delicious sweets in your kitchen, having energetic dance sessions in your room, playing dress-up with all the skirts, shirts and shoes you own—whatever task you may choose, succeeding in avoiding the inevitable is always a result!

Redgie Tadena was only eleven when his family moved from the Philippines to the United States. He grew up in the South Bay, an area just south of Los Angeles working at his family’s restaurant every weekend while going to school.

More than two years have passed since Dr. Condoleezza Rice left the White House as Secretary of State. Now Condoleezza has a lot more time to sit back, relax and rock a benefit concert with Aretha Franklin?!

“When I went to Tulane, I had a roommate who was a serious hoarder,” Lucy said. “Luckily, most of it stayed in her room, but every now and then some would spill out into the rest of the dorm.”

At first, dining hall food seems great— with the constant availability of food and so many choices. A semester later you’re craving mom’s homemade cooking and variety.

What fills the noggin, but empties bank accounts?  You guessed it: textbooks. With new classes on deck, there’s probably no choice but to get the books.

Three years of endless algebra homework and tiresome SAT prep are about to pay off! By following these helpful tips on sprucing up your college apps, you will have an application that you’ll be very proud to stamp and mail to your dream college.

Shopping for extra long twin sheets and cool memory boards? Yes, you are preparing to head to college! Despite all the excitement, you may still have some worries, like how to handle college classes and homework.

College! No parents, parties, boys, girls, new friends and freedom! Sounds great right? It is! College can be one of the best times of your life. It is the biggest and greatest learning experience. There are so many memories to be made and goals to accomplish.