Marisa Hezekiah

Jennifer Lawrence starring in "The Hunger Games"

Move over, Bella, Katniss will race to the silver screen starting March 23, 2012. For those not familiar with the series, “The Hunger Games” tells the story of a country built after the destruction of the United States. The capitol, Panem, forces a male and female teen to represent their district and fight to the death— 24 go in. Only one survives. Taking the place of her sister, Primrose, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) goes to battle in what is then known as the Hunger Games. Before your next favorite heroine hits theaters, here are 10 things to know about the amazing Jennifer Lawrence.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence and Katniss are from the same state. Kind of. The novel is set in the area we know as Appalachia, Lawrence was not far from it, living in Kentucky.
  2. Lawrence was discovered at 14, after delivering what has been called one of the best cold reads some agents have heard. Immediately, they tried to convince her mother to spend the summer in Manhattan. She was then discovered that same day by another agent while modeling for an H&M advertisement; her mom was then again convinced to let her stay in Manhattan over the summer.
  3. Jennifer Lawrence has worked with famous names such as Mel Gibson and Jodi Foster.
  4. In the film where she worked with Foster, called “The Beaver,” Jennifer Lawrence learned how to skin squirrels, chop wood and fight.
  5. She has also played roles in films that were presented at the Sundance Film Festival. Her most acclaimed were “The Winter’s Bone” and “Like Crazy.”
  6. Her role in “The Winter’s Bone” got her an Oscar nomination and invitation to join The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
  7. This camelion might look familiar;  she played Mystique in “X-Men First Class.”
  8. In order to start her career with a greater force, Jennifer Lawrence got her high school diploma two years early.
  9. When she is not in front of a camera, Jennifer Lawrence plays the guitar.
  10. Jennifer Lawrence claims to have never taken an acting class in her life or to have ever joined a drama club, but she acts based on what feels natural to her.

With these fun facts and more as the movie comes closer to a release, you are now more than prepared to see “The Hunger Games”  when it comes to theaters! Do you think it’s going to beat the Twilight series? Let ME know in the comments section.
—Marisa Hezekiah

Photo by Murray Close