Keke Palmer

Jeremy Jordan plays Keke Palmer's love interest We get it: You get yourself ready, about to support your girl Keke Palmer in her new movie, “Joyful Noise,” then all of the sudden— who’s that cutie? Let ME introduce you to Jeremy Jordan, the up-and-coming star who’s making his big film debut. Soon enough, you won’t go anywhere without hearing his name! Here are 10 cool facts about Jeremy Jordan.
He’s a southern boy
Jeremy is a southern gentleman, born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. Now he calls the Big Apple his home.
He’s engaged!
Sorry girls! This cutie recently got engaged to the beautiful Broadway veteran, Ashley Spencer. She was the winner of a reality show called “Grease: You’re the One That I Want.”

Jeremy’s been on Broadway
He’s starred in hit productions such as “West Side Story” and “Rock of Ages.” In fact, the director of “Joyful Noise,” Todd Graff, saw him on stage and could instantly tell he would be great for the movie’s lead male role. Want to see him perform in person? See him on stage this spring in the Broadway adaptation of the Disney movie “Newsies.”

  He’s really into singer/songwriters 
Even though Jeremy likes all types of music, he loves alternative music. Some of his faves include Gavin DeGraw, Marc Broussard and Adele. Talented with great taste!


Matt and Leo are big influences
Jordan loves Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, and said he looked up to the two leading men. Could they have pulled off his character in “Joyful Noise?” Nah! Looks like Jeremy can teach them a thing or two now!

He’s a Bomber
Not only is he cute, he’s educated too! Jeremy attended Ithaca College (Their nickname is the Bombers), where he majored in musical theatre, and got an agent soon after he graduated.

Natalie Portman is his dream leading lady
Jordan loves Natalie Portman! (Who doesn’t?) If he had to choose a leading lady, Jeremy would love to work with our favorite ballerina, Natalie Portman.

He’s not the only Jeremy Jordan
Jeremy shares his name with an actor/singer from the 90s and an, ahem, adult film star. People have asked Jeremy whether or not he thought of changing his name and he said, “It’s my God-given, mother-given name. People have advised me to change it. But I like it!”

He’s been a teacher
In the past, Jeremy was a music teacher for the Little Maestros classes in New York. You can really tell that he loves music and wants to share that love. Hey Jeremy: Feel free to contribute to TutorME anytime! 😉

He was a suspected murderer…
…in a “Law and Order: SVU” episode, titled “Streetwise.” Don’t worry, the only thing he’s killed are his solos in his brand new movie starring Dolly Parton, Queen Latifa and Keke Palmer.

—Ama Kwarteng