Katy Perry

Katy Perry performing

What’s behind those whipped cream jets and equally sweet pop songs? “Katy Perry: Part of Me” gives us that chance to take a glimpse behind the scenes where true character is shown.

The 3-D concert documentary follows pop-sensation Katy Perry’s international tour for her 2010 album “Teenage Dream” and takes us along for an exciting ride. The movie is exhilarating as the camera follows Katy from behind the curtains to the moment she steps onto the stage in front of thousands of screaming fans.

During the movie, the audience is shown the transition of how the girl named Katheryn Hudson became the iconic woman, Katy Perry. Many will be surprised to hear of her religious upbringing as shots of a 5-year-old Katy performs various gospel songs. Even as a child Katy was charismatic and eager to step out of her boundaries at every chance she could. Her desire to perform was awakened when she would watch her Pentecostal dad deliver sermons in strip mall churches.

Katy was 13 when she first asked for a guitar and soon after began singing her own music in front of church groups. The 15-year-old Katy is unrecognizable with her blonde spiky hair, tomboy nature and her songs about Jesus. Her family, friends, mangers and Katy herself give commentary of the various stages in the pop star’s life and the difficulties she had to attain in order to become a success.

Even die-hard fans will learn more about Katy in this one movie than they could by researching her for hours via the Internet. She allows the camera to capture truly vulnerable moments in her life as stress increases and her marriage with comedian Russell Brand slowly crumbles. It gives the world the chance to understand the true aspects of fame without all its glitz and glamor.

The confident and sexy Katy Perry makes herself up to be a true role model as she refuses to allow Hollywood to change who she is and how she depicts herself. She pursued her dreams, despite being let down time and time again, and did so with humor and passion throughout the journey. “Thank you for believing in my weirdness,” Katy says to her fans. It is that weirdness we fell in love with when we first heard “I Kissed a Girl,” and it is that weirdness we will continue to enjoy as she spreads happiness through her music.

—Ivetta Babadjanian

easy a emma stone

Admit it: You’ve thought of what it would be like to have a celeb BFF. Granted, some stars might not be the best people to befriend, but there are still some fabulous IT girls that not only prove to be Hollywood’s A-list material, but also a potential best friend forever!

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has the world at her fingertips and still manages to keep her feet on solid ground. As a triple threat in movies, music and TV, Gomez is not only winning over Hollywood, but she is America’s new sweetheart. However, America must share her with pop star boyfriend, Justin Bieber and close friends, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. With these kinds of connections, being BFF’s with Gomez would guarantee you an invite to all of the coolest celebrity gatherings. While you might be a constant target for the paparazzi, this star will always make sure you’re protected while keeping it low key.

Emma Stone

As Emma Stone is trailblazing through Blockbusters and making an impact in the movie industry, you can bet that there’s always a laugh not far behind. Stone has blown away America with her acting abilities in The Help, Crazy Stupid Love and Easy A. She is one actress that has embraced her quirky ways and used them to an advantage. Stone is bringing back comedy roles for women, a role which is now quite rare. Being BFF’s with Stone will not only show you that its okay to be yourself, but it’s also okay to be stupid and laugh about it. And while she’s teaching valuable life lessons, she might be able to hook a friend up with Ryan Gosling along the way.

Taylor Swift

Country star Taylor Swift has everything you need in a friend. She has not only made her way to the top in the country charts, but also dominates pop music. With her versatile music style, she would always know the right people to introduce you too. Her song lyrics have always proven to be a comfort for teenage girls to rely on, so just imagine if you had the real Swift to lend advice to you. Being Swifts best friend will guarantee a solid support system.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one best friend that would always accept you for who you are. Growing up in a strict family, Perry experienced a sheltered lifestyle. Now, Perry takes her music and style to a whole new place and is finally able to break out of her shell. With her funky style and child-like attitude, Perry would be one friend that you can always be yourself around. She will help you break out and feel free.

-Jenna Cusumano