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zoe kazan

With Ruby Sparks, an indie flick making it to the big screen this summer, actress-turned-screenwriter Zoe Kazan is on a major roll (she wrote the screenplay and stars in the film!). Although Zoe has held over a dozen on-screen roles in both movies and television since 2003, fans are pretty much left in the dark when it comes to Zoe’s personal life, as she likes to keep it fairly private. Luckily, with a hefty bit of research, ME is ready to share 10 awesoME tidbits about the blue-eyed celebrity, who is making a big splash in Hollywood.

1. Zoe used to help foreign students write their applications essays for graduate school.  When she looks back on her previous job, she says it was demoralizing and slightly illegal(!).

2. The starlet is not only beautiful, but also well-educated. Zoe graduated from Yale in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Theater.

3. Her screenwriting skills were foreseeable: the actress’s mom and dad, Robin Swicord, respectively, are both Oscar nominated screenwriters.  

4. Zoe’s favorite shows include The Office, Mad Men, and Family Guy. She says they are her “must-sees.”

5. She has a five-pound toy poodle named Alice.

6. The classic movie, A Streetcar Named Desire, was directed by her grandfather, legendary director, Elia Kazan.

7. Zoe loves junk food.  She favors pizza, dumplings and guacamole.

8. Cutie Paul Dano is her boyfriend of more than three years, and stars with her in Ruby Sparks!

9. Zoe’s favorite board games are Scrabble and Bananagrams.

10. She has had to appear naked in numerous plays, which is why she now appreciates any show she does that lets her keep her clothes on. Eek!

-Kairi Coe

aaron johnson

With a starring role in Savages (alongside young stars Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch), Aaron Johnson is on fire! This cutie is no stranger to the movie scene, and is currently fine-tuning his resume with two more movies out this year—Anna Karenina & Kick-Ass 2. Let ME show you 10 things about this go-getter that you probably didn’t know; so take your eyes off of the picture of him (so.difficult.) and read on!

1. For 12 years he studied singing, acrobatics, tap, jazz, and of course, drama.

2. His favorite food group is fruits! He is a big lover of kiwi, plums, raspberries and blueberries.

3. Aaron Johnson had his first kiss at age 10 with a 13 year old girl—guess he likes them a little older! Which brings us into number four:

4. He’s married to a woman more than twice his age!  Sam Taylor-Wood directed Nowhere Boy, a film he starred in. At 20, Aaron decided to tie the knot with his then 43-year-old girlfriend.

5. His favorite movies include Pulp Fiction and Boogie Nights.

6. He has four children—two of his own and two stepchildren. They are all girls ranging in age from six months to 15! Whoa, buddy!

7. Johnson starred in R.E.M.’s “Uberlin” music video back in 2011, which was also directed by his wife.

8. Aaron’s older sister Gemma appeared in the movie Tom & Thomas as an extra.

9. His favorite actor is Daniel-Ray Lewis, who starred in his all-time favorite movie, There Will Be Blood.

10. If the acting career had not have worked out, Aaron was quoted saying he would have probably gotten a job scaffolding or he would have become a plumber.

-Kairi Coe

Movies for Father's Day

It’s that time of year again. Time to break out the Home Depot gift cards, ties and socks. Yes, it is Father’s Day, and ME has come up with 10 movies that show us just how much the men in our lives do for us. So let your dad take a load off and pop in one (or all ten) of these flicks today. 

 Father of the Bride 1 & 2
One of the funniest father-daughter movies ever, Steve Martin deals with watching his daughter get ready for her wedding, something that must be hard for every father to endure. The second movie shows how he reacts when she announces her pregnancy. Letting your child grow is the bigger message around the movies, and George (Martin) does just that while providing much comic relief, alongside Diane Keaton.

Liam Neeson proved in this movie that a father will do anything in his power to make sure their daughter is safe. When his character’s daughter is abducted in Europe, he uses his former C.I.A. skills to make sure everyone who helped in the taking of her was handled in a way only a parent could. This is one father you definitely don’t want to get in the way of.

 Liar, Liar
Jim Carey plays a sleazy lawyer who realizes the importance of being there for your child in this movie. When his son Max wishes that his father could not lie for an entire day, Fletcher (Carey) realizes that his son triumphs over anything and anyone.

 National Lampoon’s Vacation
All Clark Griswold wanted to do was take his wife and kids to Wally World- even if that meant leaving behind their recently deceased grandmother and avoiding the blonde bombshell along the way. When they get there of course it’s closed, but that doesn’t stop Clark from showing his family a good time, he just needed to hold the park security hostage! Is he Father of the Year or what?!

The Lion King
The cartoon classic shows that no matter what, a father-child bond can never truly be broken. With help from a meerkat and a warthog, Simba grows to be a strong lion, reminiscent of his dad before his death. He sees his dad as a spirit that tells him what he needs to do to rightfully reign as king, ruling over his unfriendly uncle Scar. In the end, Simba rules the kingdom with his own queen, similar to his mother and dad Mufasa. Like father, like son.

John Q
When his son needs a heart transplant, John Q, played by Denzel Washington does all he can to raise the money. But of course when that isn’t enough, holding patients, doctors and others hostage in the hospital worked in his favor, ultimately saving his life. One of the most memorable scenes is when John tries to take his own life to save his sons’, quite the tear-jerker.

The Pursuit of Happyness
Will Smith and son Jaden Smith star in a powerful biographical film that mirrors the year in Chris Gardner’s life in which he was homeless. Gardner (Smith) provides Christopher (Jaden) with enough morals to last a lifetime, letting him know that hard work does eventually pay off, regardless of the situation. Another movie to put you in tears, The Pursuit of Happyness is one that shows a father who will do anything to provide for his son and prosper in life.

Finding Nemo
Marlin the clownfish just wants his son Nemo to be safe from harm, especially after he was the only child he had after his wife was killed. However, little Nemo is tired of living under his father’s strict underwater lifestyle and decides to leave the Great Barrier Reef, getting caught by a scuba diver in the process. Marlin goes through many trials and tribulations throughout the way to find his son. He shows that to find what you are looking for, you just have to keep swimming.

Big Daddy
When Adam Sandler is forced to stop acting like a child and raise one, you see the maturity that comes with having to take care of another life. Tending to the needs of little Julian and posing as his father Kevin for Child Protection Services gives Sonny (Sandler) a whole new perspective on life. The once carefree individual just needed help in the form of a little kid to put his head in the right place.

It’s a Wonderful Life
Who says Christmas is the only holiday you get to watch this wonderful classic? It’s a Wonderful Life focuses on George Bailey (played by James Stewart) and what the world would have been like had he never existed. When he sees that his family’s lives would be in shambles had he not been around, he returns ready to continue on with his wonderful life, thanks to an intervention by his guardian angel. This movie shows what a true husband and father is, one we all wish we could have, if we don’t have already.
-Kairi C.

edward sharpe and the magnetic zerosEdward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have done it again. From their gospel-tinged lyrics to Jade Castrino’s soulful voice, this band show off their best side on their sophomore album Here that makes you want to have their songs on repeat all day long.

The opening track “Man On Fire” was a great choice and really gave way to the band’s sound. “I want the whole damn world to come dance with me,” one of the most memorable lines in the song ( as well as the entire album) makes you want to do just that—dance with the band as they spread love around the world, as was the goal of the fictional band title character Edward Sharpe, a messiah-like figure created by Alex Ebert. Other songs such as “I Don’t Want to Pray” also talks on the topic of religion, with the standout lines “I love my G-d” repeated throughout it.

Castrino’s voice gives me chills. On songs like “That’s What’s Up” and “Fiya Wata” she really gets to shine, delivering powerful vocals almost reminiscent of Adele (and sometimes the late Amy Winehouse), but sweeter. She’s an artist I would definitely want to come out with a solo project.

All of the songs on this album would be the ones you’d expect to see on movie and television show soundtracks set in the 70s. If songs like “One Love to Another” and “Child” doesn’t make you want to connect to your inner hippie or take a ride cross-country in a van with friends, I don’t know what will. With feel good beats and lyrics you can’t help but sing along to, Here by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is one album that will lift you up and pleasantly delight you.

-Kairi Coe

With Catching Fire—the sequel to The Hunger Games—set to start filming in the fall, there had been great speculation of who would play the gorgeous 24-year-old Finnick Odair, a previous winner of the Hunger Games (Sam Claflin is now officially cast as Finnick). Though he has already found love with Annie, one can still dream that the much fawned over tribute was ours. We at ME decided to have our own casting call for the role of Finnick, and these seven men would have all of our eyes glued to the screen.

catching fire jessie williams

Jessie Williams

If it were up to ME, hands down the role of Finnick would go to the most gorgeous man on television, Mr. Jessie Williams.  He stole the hearts of women all over America with his role as Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy, and many believe he would do the same in Catching Fire.  With his athletic build and dreamy green-blue eyes similar to Finnick he could easily nab this role, without complaint from Games fangirls.

catching fire chase crawford

Chase Crawford

Chase Crawford definitely deserves a role like this.  He has already won us over as the charming Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl with his brooding good looks and moody personality. To see Chase change from a Lower Eastside rich kid to a man battling for his life would be a nice change of roles that many would love to see. Already a notable flirt, he would fit the role of Finnick perfectly, as he showed us how he can win over just about anyone, from Blair to Serena to Vanessa on the hit series we’ve watched for years.

catching fire garrett hedlund

Garrett Hedlund

No stranger to action flicks, Garrett Hedlund is also a perfect contender to star as Finnick. From Eragon to Troy to the more recent Tron, Garrett knows what it takes to fight for his life.  Though there is little known about him, what better reason to have him as one of the leading roles in Catching Fire? He’s not bad to look at either—with his light colored hair and even lighter eyes, he looks more like the Finnick we’d imagine without even trying to. Plus, he sings! Who doesn’t love a guy who sounds even better than he looks?!

alex pettyfer catching fire

Alex Pettyfer

Also rumored to star in another book-turned movie (The Mortal Instruments, out in 2013), Alex Pettyfer is strikingly attractive—even more so shirtless. With books-adapted-to-film experience, this role would be a cinch for him when it comes to getting into character. At 22, he fits the age range, and this model-turned actor is not afraid of the limelight—he’s known for having quite a cocky demeanor. Could he turn on the sensitivity for this role when it comes to the loving Finnick? Only time will tell.  

catching fire chris zylka

Chris Zylka

Boy, oh boy, Chris Zylka. From his chiseled jaw to his muscular physique, The Secret Circle star can definitely pull off the sexy tribute look. He may not have a long list of acting credits but this could be his chance to prove to us what he is really capable of. Maybe after seeing him in The Amazing Spider-Man we can put him as a top choice. His looks alone already have him at the top of our list, he is quite the looker—check out his Abercrombie ads!

taylor kitsch catching fire

Taylor Kitsch

This former model may have what it takes to play the infamous Odair. The Battleship star knows a little something about action, which could help him tremendously in Catching Fire. If you ever watched Friday Night Lights you know he is capable of getting a little emotional. Add on the fact that he is very handsome and we could have a good actor for the role of Finnick on our hands. It is rumored that Taylor may just be the man for the job, but I guess we’ll find out more when they start filming!

catching fire robert pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Who DIDN’T think of this man when Finnick’s name starting flying around the entertainment world? The Twilight saga star has it all: the looks, the acting experience, and an everlasting charm. Having previously worked with the new director, Francis Lewis, they already know they can work together and produce greatness. Plus we all know how he can make us really believe in him as a character—he still has us think of the blood-sucking Edward at first glance. However, that may his downfall—how could one forget why Robert is such a huge star in the first place? I believe if he does his research on Finnick we could have had the best person for the role right in front of our faces all along.

Tell ME: Who would you love to see grace the screen?

-Kairi Coe

The DictatorOh, Sacha Baron Cohen, how I applaud you for finding a way to make even the not so funny absolutely hilarious. The Dictator, Cohen’s third starring role, is not as funny as his breakout role Borat, but provided few laughs that were quite memorable.

Starring as a General Aladeen, dictator of the Republic of Wadiya, Sacha is forced into coming to America to make a speech at the United Nations regarding his nuclear weapons idea. While in the streets of New York City he goes through problems that ultimately leave him homeless and working to become the dictator again while working at a vegetarian café with leading lady Anna Faris. It’s quite entertaining to see what he goes through, as well as enjoying a funny cameo from a famous action movie actress.

His dry, crass humor can easily offend almost anyone, as he makes lewd, racist and sexist comments throughout the movie.  It’s definitely not something a parent would want their child to see, as a movie of this nature is one only an adult could find humorous and understand (hence the R rating).

As much as I loved Borat and cried watching Bruno, you can see that Cohen is trying much harder in this movie than the others.  With an unconvincing relationship with Ms. Faris and forced, scripted jokes, The Dictator falls short of its previous Oscar-nominated successor but is still worth the money to go see in theaters. Again, the older crowd will enjoy, but the little kids should stay at home and stick with Disney.

-Kairi Coe