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monique colemanAs host of GimmeMo, a talk show for teens, Monique Coleman has come a long way since her High School Musical days. we talked to Monique about her future plans for GimmeMo, her role as the first-ever UN Youth Champion (!!), and the three people who inspire her.

MyEveryzine: What gave you the idea to start GimmeMo?

Monique Coleman: I’ve always been passionate about youth and I feel very blessed to have been in a film that reached SO many young people. In 2009, my good friend Elizabeth Berkley asked me to write a quote about her amazing organization for girls “Ask Elizabeth.” Writing that quote inspired me to think about the kind of impact that I would want to make someday. As a joke, I started toying around with different names and when I got to “GimmeMo” a light bulb went on and I stayed up all night writing down ideas that weeks later I put into action.

ME: I’ve watched YouTube clips of GimmeMo’s first season. How is the show different this season?

MC: Season one was really about exploration. I wanted to better understand some of the issues that young people were dealing with. I investigated issues like youth homelessness, bullying, self-esteem, and inking. The episodes were 8-15 minutes long and covered different aspects of each topic. The second season is about engagement. We filmed each 1-hour episode live and relied heavily on social media and audience interaction. 

ME: What is your favorite part about shooting a show?

MC: My favorite part is the fact that it’s live. There’s a rush that comes from having a studio audience and getting to manage every thing on the spot. To me, the live aspect keeps it real, authentic, and electric. Also, I can’t stress enough how lucky I am to work with the amazing young people that make the show come together each week. They are truly the best part!

ME: What was your favorite topic to cover in season two?

MC: My favorite topic so far was “Let’s Talk About Sex.” The real issue we were arriving to was whether there was such a thing as “healthy sex” for young people or if it was best to abstain all together. It was a raw and dynamic dialog with a sex education professor, a 15-year-old male, and a female college student. The perspectives were diverse and interesting. It’s definitely a topic I want to revisit in more detail. 

ME: What do you think is the biggest issue facing young women today?

MC: In America, I think one of the biggest issues facing young women is self-esteem and the pressure to be perfect. There are so many pressures to be a certain size or fit an unattainable standard. I also think that finding love while pursing a big career can be challenging. Globally, and particularly in developing countries not having a voice and experiencing unthinkable violence and abuse is the biggest issue they face. 

ME: Do you have a motto?

MC: I have so many and they change all the time. Lately, I’ve been living by a yoga saying, “Do your practice. All is coming” by Patabi Jois. My favorite quote is “The jump is so frightening between where I am and where I want to be; because of all I may become, I will close my eyes and leap” by Maryanne Radmacher. 

ME: Who are your role models?

MC: Oprah and Martin Luther King Jr. are tied in the top spot. My mom is a close second, and ANY person who’s ever tried anything difficult and not given up. 

ME: What would you say is the single thing that makes you happy?

MC: Inspiring others to be happy. 

ME: Can you speak about your involvement with the UN?

MC: In 2010, I was appointed the first ever UN Youth Champion for the International Year of Youth. I then self-initiated and funded a global tour to better understand the most pressing issues facing today’s youth. I visited 24 countries in a span of six months, and engaged with thousands of young people. When I returned, I spoke at the High Level meeting on youth, hosted the Year of Youth Culmination event, and continued to participate and engage with UN organizations and events. I’ve worked closely with UNICEF, UNFPA, ILO, and UNESCO. I’ve also had the incredible honor of interviewing the Secretary General Ban ki Moon and co-hosting the UN Foundation Gala. I’m presently the Girl Up Youth Champion for the United Nations Foundation (who’s purpose is to further the efforts of the United Nations). 

ME: What else are you up to (as an actress and philanthropist)?

MC: I just wrapped an independent film called Girlrillaz and recently attended the Global Social Business Summit in Vienna, Austria. 

Catch ALL episodes from season two ,and look out for more videos on YouTube!

-Grace Gavilanes

hannah brencherMeet Hannah Brencher. She’s the professional love letter writer behind The World Needs More Love Letters—a social media driven movement aimed to lift broken spirits and instill self-confidence. Today, she and her team of writers have left scripted love letters around the world—spanning six continents! We had the chance to meet the awesoME girl behind this incredible organization. Here’s her story. 

MyEveryzine: How did you get into love letter writing?

Hannah Brencher: The story behind More Love Letters began about two years ago, shortly after I graduated from college and moved to New York City. I was a full-time volunteer, living on the third floor of an immigration center, trying to figure out the starting thread for all these unkempt writer dreams in my head and crying far too much on the subway. I actually started writing love letters to people I would see on the train as a way to rid off some of the waterworks. What started as a hobby of sorts resulted in the leaving of dozens and dozens of love letters across New York City for others to find and be encouraged by.

As it usually unfolds, when social media joins in, people began requesting love letters from me. The people were from all across the world with all shapes and forms of heartbreak. It was during the writing of those first couple hundred letters that I started to think something bigger was brewing.


ME: Who was your inspiration?

HB: Letter writing has always been a big part of my life. I attribute that to my mother—a diehard unbeliever in all things social media. She’s got the social down good, but no such skill in the media parts—Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. So she wrote me letters all throughout childhood and into college and adulthood. I’ve always had it in my bones because of her. Did I think I would become such a figure for it? Never. 


ME: When did you think, ‘OK, I want to share this with the world,’ and turn your letter writing into More Love Letters? What were your first steps?

HB: I honestly wasn’t given much of a choice.  A reporter from the Wall Street Journal reached out to me and interviewed me about how I find balance between handwriting and social media. I honestly didn’t want every reader of the WSJ thinking they could ask me for a love letter: I would never stop writing then. 

The week before the article ran, I fleshed out the bigger picture, built a website and just went with it. I honestly thought the website would die out in a month or two… but this proved it had momentum overnight.


ME: When did you realize More Love Letters was becoming this big social media driven organization?

HB: From the very start I knew that, in order for it to work, More Love Letters would need to be very, very social. There was never a question in my mind that it wouldn’t be social media driven in order to fuel the offline practice.


ME: What has been the response so far? 

HB: More Love Letters has grown bigger and brighter than I could have ever imagined. People love it. I’ve yet to find someone who opposes it. And it has gained so much amazing publicity—none of which I actually pitched for—and so it leads me to believe that I am really onto something good here. And I am just thankful that it is a mission I am proud and humbled to stand behind and not something I half-heartedly believe in.


ME: Do you send out a weekly email with love letter requests or do you go about it differently?

HB: Being an actual writer on the team means you take on a few extra letter requests every month. I had writers for the team apply and do sample letters before actually giving them real letter requests. They receive requests on a monthly basis. 


ME: Is there a story that sticks out the most in your mind that reinforces your work?

HB: I gather these kinds of stories every single day. It is such a blessing to me. One that definitely resonates is one of the very first stories that trickled into the inbox. It was the first two weeks of More Love Letters existence, and it was really the point of, ok…can this work? A girl from Florida sent us an email saying she had found one our love letters on her bathroom sink at the university she attended. She went on to explain that she had been having a really rough day and that letter changed everything for her. That was when I realized I was in this for the long haul.


ME: How did you make the decision it was time to devote 100% of your time to More Love Letters?  

HB: I was reaching a point of burnout, to be honest. I was beginning to be stressed and overwhelmed over both my full-time job and More Love Letters. And that was when I had to step back and reevaluate. I knew I didn’t want to grow resentment for either of my roles, so I made the decision to find a way to pour myself into More Love Letters and find the actual time to give it wings and make it fly.


ME: Did you ever feel discouraged or fearful? How did you overcome that and follow through?

HB: Who doesn’t? I think that happens to everyone who has a really wonderful project under his or her belt. Honestly, I think the big fear came at the beginning, of not knowing how the people who actually knew me or had grown up with me would react to the project. This thing has healed so many relationships and brought me back in touch with so many people. The fear doesn’t hang on too tightly anymore. A little is a good thing, but I don’t let it keep me from doing the good work on a daily basis ad moving towards innovation and bigger heights with More Love Letters.


ME: Any future plans for More Love Letters you can share? What can we expect?

HB: More Love Letters will have great big changes ahead. I cannot reveal it all, but there will be definitely more options for letter writing, and bigger and brighter campaigns that really reach out and rattle people.


ME: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

HB: Good, good question that I honestly cannot answer. This is a path I could have never predicted even a year ago, so I just have to let the bigger plan take all of me. I hope to have written some books and really be an advocate for meaningful communications in such an overwhelmingly digital world, but we shall see. I am open to anything and everything.


ME: Are you always looking for love letter writers? How can people get involved?

HB: Anyone can hop on the site and join the subscriber list. You’ll be all hooked up with the letter requests and all the More Love Letters news.


ME: Do you have any advice for people who are trying to find their passion, and for people who want to turn it into something more?

HB: My advice would be not to belittle your passions. That is the first thing we do. We cut them down. We deem them not worthy and it is just not true. If you have a great and daring idea, then flesh it out…make it fly. Don’t keep talking about it—see what it would look like to really make it work in the real world.

Oh, and another big thing, don’t place so much pressure on yourself to start something new. The greatest innovations often come from us stumbling into them from experience. Go outside and live. The great ideas get all untangled from the living the life that feels real and authentic to us.


ME: You’re a finalist for the TED2013 Global Talent Search. Tell us about that.  

HB: TED was my first opportunity to speak openly about what my life has looked like in the past two years. I’ve stumbled into a social movement that began with a single love letter and I’ve grappled to find the words to tie it together for a very long time. I feel like my story is really at just the beginning, but it was an amazing opportunity to be able to share the start of it with a wider audience.

Check out Hannah’s TED talk here. Trust ME, you don’t want to miss it. 

—Grace Gavilanes 

“Twilight” trivia time: What unique accessory did Bella have with her at Prom (aside from her vampire man candy)?  If you said “a leg cast,” you’re right! Bella donned a bulky black leg brace that didn’t exactly make a fashion statement at her Forks High School Prom. Although ME wasn’t there to give Bella some pointers, ME has a few fabulous tips to bedazzle and bling out your own unique injury just in time for Prom!

Bedazzled Bandage
Knowing that it’s still a must to wear a bandage for your sprained wrist, ankle, or bad knee at Prom doesn’t sound like the most exciting news at first, but by adding some extra flair and attitude to the boring beige hue of a bandage, we promise you’ll be ecstatic to rock your new accessory! Before correctly applying the bandage, gather tiny-sized beads or any spare jewelry you’re willing to donate for your new creation. Using a glue gun, attach each individual gem unto the bandage. If there’s still room, even after the bedazzling, take a fabric marker—which can be purchased at your local arts and crafts store—and outline each jewel in a unique way (flowers, shapes, or maybe just color your entire masterpiece!).
A Classy Crutch
Dare to take your crutches from dull to dynamite? Braid three pieces of medium-sized yarn or ribbon (can be single or multi-colored). Then, place the braided yarn or ribbon around the crutch, forming a horizontal line. Connect the ends of the braided yarn or ribbon together by forming a bow at the center of the crutch!
Glam on Wheels

Don’t let your wheelchair keep you back from embracing your inner fashionista! If you want to achieve the ultimate princess look and are having trouble incorporating this into your unique accessory, look no further! By using pale pink ribbons and beautiful flowers to adorn your wheelchair’s metallic leg rests and handlebars, you’ll be feeling like royalty in no time. Looking to make a wild statement at Prom? Replace the flowers and pale pink ribbons with red and purple feathers and black ribbon!
Quote My Cast!    
Looking for a more sophisticated and glamorous way to rock your accessory at Prom? Try blinging out your leg or arm cast. First, choose your favorite quote(s) of all time (make sure to stay away from profanity; it won’t be easy to rub off!) and have someone neatly write it out with a bold-colored marker on your soon-to-be fabulous accessory.  Then, sprinkle gold, silver, or multi-colored glitter all over your cast. Make sure to cover every inch of the cast to achieve an ultra-glam look!

Tell ME: How will you bedazzle your unique accessory?

— Grace Gavilanes

Photo by Alan Markfield

‘Chronicle,’ which made its box office premiere earlier this month, provides an anti-V-Day feel that will keep any thriller film buff and Valentine’s Day rebel satisfied. Warning: you’ll regret ever wishing for superpowers after watching this movie.

Directed by Josh Trank, ‘Chronicle’ tells the story of Andrew (Dane DeHaan), Matt (Alex Russell), and Steve (Michael B. Jordan), three high school boys from different social circles, who make an extraordinary discovery after wandering off in a forest. Andrew, the outcast of their high school, carries a camera with him throughout the movie, documenting every part of his life, from morning to night. This comes in handy when they all encounter this cave-like place (we’re never told what it really is) that gives them telekinesis and flying abilities.
The three students become best friends since they all have something incredible to bond over. After testing out and exercising these powers in a toy store and parking lot, Andrew decides to try moving a car on a rainy day. This causes an unfortunate accident, which leads the group to compile a list of rules. One of them, which ultimately goes unfollowed: don’t use your powers in public.

For the most part, the movie looks to be shot with a handheld camera, which offers a raw look inside the advantages and struggles of having these superpowers. Yes, there are struggles. Surprising, right? It gets pretty intense and emotional, despite its purely-adventurous demeanor. DeHaan (In Treatment) does a superb job portraying a distressed black sheep, desperate to find his place in the world. He is the most dynamic character of the bunch, rising from most-ignored, to most-popular, to most-wanted. ‘Chronicle’ has action, drama and conflict…what more could a V-day rebel want?
—Grace Gavilanes

Photo credit: Alan Markfield

Victoria's Secret Models in hair and makeup

Cada modelo de Victoria’s Secret encarna en si belleza, glamour, y sobre todo, confidencia. Al ver el show de Victoria’s Secret me sorprendió como aquellas jóvenes podían mantener sonrisas tan contagiosas y continuas al mismo tiempo en el que arrasaban con la pasarela. ¡Definitivamente poseían una presencia invencible que se emitía con felicidad!     
¿Te has preguntado como estos Ángeles lo logran?
Sí, se ven preciosas y usan gran cantidad de lencerías; ¿pero será suficiente para ser una de ellas? Definitivamente no, chica, y te lo puedo asegurar. Todo depende de su belleza interior y confidencia, pues estas le permiten radiar bellamente en su exterior. Al seguir estos simples, y hasta efectivos consejos, podrás destellar cualquier pasarela (o pasadillo) y aprender del tipo de confidencia que Adriana y Alessandra poseen.
Respeta tu cuerpo
¿Cuántas veces al día criticas tu cuerpo? ¡Habito el cual debes de terminar!  Después de todo, lo que consigues es herir y disminuir tu autoestima. Así que cuando te sientas culpable, triste o te cuestiones demasiado en si debes comer aquella deliciosa hamburguesa durante tu almuerzo, hazte un favor y mírate bien. No te enfoques en lo que crees necesita arreglo, o en lo que supuestamente no posees. Enfócate mejor en aquellas piernas tan fuertes que te permiten caminar de un lado a otro, y te permiten bailar al ritmo de Kesha. ¡Da gracias por tus brazos! Estos te permiten repartir amor y calma con abrazos de oso capases de aliviar cualquier sentimiento de hostilidad. ¡No sobreestimes aquel poder, chica!  

Reemplaza la voz interior negativa por una positiva, un fantástico portal de Internet dedicado en ayudar a incrementar la autoestima de individuos, ofrece una interesante y ayudante manera de tratar con problemas de autocrítica: “autocríticas son un mal habito que debe de ser roto. Cuando de escuches decirte a ti mismo ‘Soy muy estúpido para hacer eso,’ ‘nunca hago nada bien,’ o ‘nunca llegare a ningún lugar,’ detén el record que toca en tu cabeza. Remplázalo con un pensamiento positivo, tal como ‘puedo aprender como hacer eso,’ o ‘Mi suerte cambiara.’ Pensar positivamente toma tiempo, así que ten en cuenta de que pensamientos negativos son hábitos aprendidos. Nadie nace con pensamientos negativos. Es un habito que puede ser roto.”    

Señala algo bello de ti
Has un habito de señalar algo bello acerca de ti cada día por dos semanas. ¡No repitas lo mismo, y tarta de divertirte con este ejercicio! Mírate al espejo y proclama tu afecto hacia tus largas pestañas, el volumen natural de tu cabello, o tu cuero cabelludo—solo para nombrar algunas cosas, por supuesto.
Luego de haber amaestrado el arte de amarte y apreciarte a ti misma, es tiempo de enfocarte en como verte como una modelo de VS.     

Chanel Iman in  Pink by Victoria's Secret Decora tus sostenes y calzones
¿Temes repagar por ese lindo par de sostén y calzón de VS que cautivaron tu vista el otro día? ¡Ahorra dinero y diseña tu propio par de sostén y calzón! Es tan sencillo como ir a la tienda, comprar un sostén y calzón, goma, y visitar tus tiendas favoritas de arte y artesanías por una bolsa de cristales, brillos, plumas, y cualquier otra cosa que necesites para resaltar tu porvenir feroz y
vibrante pieza intima. ¿No sientes esta idea de renovación? Satisface tu lado creativo y has una pieza más conservativa. ¡Usa colores!  
¡Telas, tijeras, y una aguja e hilo para crear tu propia pieza de VS!   

¡Consigue un par de alas de ángel!
Ahora lo que falta es el detalle especial de toda pieza que lleva un ángel de Victoria’s Secret— ¡sus alas! Chequea este portal para comprar un par de alas de ángel económicas y lindas (¡las cuales vienen en diversos colores!)
¿Te sientes inventivo? ¡Entonces has tus propias alas de ángel siguiendo estas instrucciones!

¡El resto solo depende en vestir tu creación, y en sentirte bella y confidente internamente y externamente!

—Grace Gavilanes

Victoria’s Secret models embody beauty, glamour and, most importantly, confidence. Every year at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we’re amazed as to how these young women could keep such contagious and continuous smiles while confidently strutting down the catwalk. 

Yes, they look beautiful, and are heavily decorated with lingerie pieces, but is that really all it takes to be like them? Absolutely not, girl! It’s all about inner beauty and confidence. That’s what allows them to radiate and glow so beautifully on the outside. By following these simple and effective tips, you will be able to rock that runway (or school hallway) and master the type of inner confidence Adriana Lima and Chanel Iman possess!
Respect Your Body
How many times a day do you criticize your body? It’s a habit we need to break! All we’re doing is hurting and lowering our self-esteem by this constant self-criticism. So when you feel guilty, sad, or over-analyze your choice of eating that delicious cheeseburger for lunch, do yourself a major favor and really look at yourself. Don’t focus on what you think needs work, or on what you supposedly lack. Focus on those strong legs of yours that give you the ability to walk from place to place, and allow you to intensely dance to Ke$ha. Appreciate your arms! They help spread love and ease with amazing bear hugs that can alleviate any cranky mood. Don’t underestimate that power, girl!

Replace the Negative Inner Voice with a Positive One, an awesome website dedicated in helping out individuals increase their self-confidence, offers an interesting and useful way of dealing with the issue of self-criticism: “Negative self-talk is a bad habit that has to be broken. When you hear yourself telling yourself ‘I’m too stupid to do that,’ ‘I never do anything right’ or ‘I’m never going to get anywhere’, stop the tape playing in your head. Replace it with a positive thought, such as ‘I can learn to do that’ or ‘My luck is about to change.’ Positive thinking takes practice, but keep in mind that negative thinking is a learned behavior. You were not born thinking negative. It is a bad habit you learned that can be unlearned.”

Point Out Something Beautiful About Yourself
Make it a habit to point out something beautiful about yourself everyday for two weeks. Don’t repeat yourself, and try to have fun with this. Go up to a mirror and proclaim your love for your long eyelashes, your hair’s natural volume, or your calves—just to name a few, of course! 
After you’ve mastered the art of loving and appreciating yourself, it’s time to focus on dressing like a Victoria’s Secret Angel!

Decorate Your Bra and Undies
Afraid of splurging on that cute VS bra and undie set that caught your eye the other day? Save some money and design your own cute bra and undie set! It’s as easy as going to a store, buying a bra and undie, a glue gun, and paying a visit to your local arts and crafts store for a bag of crystals, glitter, feathers, and whatever else you need to amp up your soon-to-be fierce and vibrant delicates. Not feeling this bra and undie makeover idea? Satisfy your creative side and use colorful fabric, scissors, thread and needle to create your own conservative VS masterpiece!

Get Some Angel Wings
Now all that’s missing is the signature piece of every VS angel—her angel wings! Check out this website to purchase some affordable and cute angel wings (they come in an array of colors, too!) Feeling inventive? Make your own pair of angel wings, by following the simple instructions here. All that’s left is to wear your creation, and feel beautiful and confident inside AND out!
—Grace Gavilanes

two broke girls

Two Broke Girls (CBS), Mondays at 8:30/7:30c


A sitcom about a feisty brunette surviving a waitress gig with a polar opposite co-worker in Williamsburg, Brooklyn? Count ME in!
The new fall show, 2 Broke Girls, premiered on CBS this Monday. The pilot focused on Max (Kat Dennings), a waitress working at a diner, who is unexpectedly met with a new waitress-in-training, Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs), a New York socialite who recently lost her trust fund and possessions, leaving her penniless and homeless (think Material Girls). Out of the goodness of her heart, Max lets Caroline stay at her apartment. Let the hilarity begin…or not?
The teasers made the show seem cool and funny, in a not-trying-too-hard kind of way, which definitely attracted viewers at first. But two minutes into the pilot, it became clear the show would not be the breakout gem of this fall’s tv lineup. Although a few jokes were laugh-out-loud funny, the pilot as a whole, wasn’t very memorable. And the forced pre-recorded stage laughter didn’t help much either. We’ve seen the odd couple routine done before in 80s and 90s movies. It’s time for something new!
Despite the cliché theme, the show isn’t totally hopeless. Clever one-liners and possible curve balls in the show (a love interest or two, perhaps?) can save the show from falling into a black hole. Yeah, ME’s first impression wasn’t a great one, but we’re willing to give 2 Broke Girls another chance. Guess we’ll just have to wait until next week!  
What did you think of 2 Broke Girls? Will you be tuning in next week?

— Grace Gavilanes

Photo by Monty Brinton, CBS

Click here to watch the series premiere

 Prom perfect fashionistaProm tickets, check. Limo, check. Head-turning-one-of-a-kind dress, check! With only days left to spare, every second (and every dollar) counts. By adding in these simple steps four days before the big night, you will look and feel stunning (and still have money in your metallic clutch purse)!

Manicure in a box
Planning on a do-it-yourself mani/pedi the night before Prom and looking for the easiest way of doing so? We at ME found the answer for frugal fashionistas: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. This new $10 product not only costs way less than an actual salon mani/pedi, but also lasts 10 days! Wash your hands, take off the Nail Polish Strips, carefully place them on each finger and toe, and file the unused parts of the strips away. Now, you have one less task to worry about on Prom day.

Get smooth…
Elbows are probably the most neglected body parts, and the most deserving of our attention. Think about it: we abuse our elbows on a daily basis by pounding and pressing on them, which causes low blood circulation and over-stretched skin. In order to remove the roughness and get those elbows silky soft, look no further than your kitchen for proper “rough buffers”! You’ll need one lemon, baking soda and olive oil.

Squeeze out the juice from the lemon. Then, pour a teaspoon of baking soda into the lemon, place your elbow inside of it and make circles with your elbows. Do the same with your other elbow. Rinse and dry both of them after three minutes of circling. Finally, rub olive oil on your elbows, making sure to rub every crease of your elbow.

By following these steps, your elbows will be light and smooth in four days or less! Feel confident enough to pose for side pictures with your Prom date and flaunt your lightened and smooth elbows while showing off the detailed back of your Grecian inspired dress!

Crunch time!
If you want to feel great on Prom night, consider doing crunches. Crunches help tighten your tummy, and they’re not at all time consuming. Pair this with a healthy diet and you’ll feel confident and ready for pictures galore at Prom. Eating candy and a burger the night before Prom, however, can cause unwanted bloating.

Break ‘em in

Here’s an equation everyone can use:  Brand new heels + hours of dancing = your foot’s worst nightmare! If you’re planning on buying new shoes for Prom, make your night a more comfortable experience by wearing your high heels four or more nights before Prom night to break them in. By wearing your high heels with tube socks around the house for at least thirty minutes a day, you’ll be molding them to conform to your feet, leading to a more comfortable fit and more toned calves!  Even if you feel that you’re ready to take on the dance floor with 4-inch heels, be safe and carry a pair of rubber flats or flip-flops. KushyFoot offers Flats to go—“affordable, purse-packable and elegant relief for weary feet.” They’re cute and cheap (only $8.99!) ballet flats that can fit in any size purse!

Put your game face on

If you’re planning on doing your own makeup for Prom, be sure to practice one or two days before the big night. YouTube has SO many make-up tutorials for Prom from talented girls just like you. From naturally beautiful to extraordinarily fierce, there is a look out there for you! Also, if you’re looking for a quick way to tighten your pores pre-makeup application, use an ice cube and rub away! Ice cubes are known to increase blood circulation and provide a natural blush to your cheekbones. 

Tell ME: What is your frugal pre-Prom tip?
-Grace Gavilanes

Photo by Chris Willis


You’re the master multi-tasker, why not let your stuff be the same? Check out our really simple guide to making the most out of your everyday items.

Foil it up!

Out of traditional wrapping paper? Scour through the kitchen and pick up some aluminum foil to wrap your best friend’s birthday gift. Carefully tear a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil and use a pen to smooth over its surface. Cover the gift with the aluminum foil and decorate it. Write or draw cute messages with a sharpie, glue on some stickers, pictures, or comic strips—apply anything that will add to this already unique and futuristic presentation. Looking for other ways to decorate your newly foiled gift? Check out Amy Snively’s eHow video here!  

When life gives you lemons…


Lemon and manicure hero

…Brighten those fingernails! Lemon acts as an astringent—a cosmetic that cleanses skin and tightens pores—that will strip away those pesky nail stains. It’s as easy as rubbing a lemon slice directly beneath and on your nails, and witnessing the transformation in a short time period. For an easier approach, mix lemon juice with lemon peels and soak your nails in the concoction for a few minutes. Wash your hands after the treatment and apply lotion for replenished moisture and a freshly-manicured feel. All that’s left to do is to flaunt those bright, white nails!


 Sharpie ‘em out

Consider these non-toxic markers as personal, portable (and inexpensive) photo editors. If the dark background of a favorite picture is in serious need of touching up, take a black sharpie and sharpie the dullness out! Make sure to shade the picture in one continuous motion to avoid inconsistent smearing in the final product. Black sharpies can also be used to remove scuff marks from dark-colored shoes. Talk about a two-for-one deal!


Orange you beautiful!

Having a self-spa day is a great and encouraged stress-reliever and confidence booster, especially when the ingredients for exfoliating and deep cleansing facials can be found right in your fruit basket. That’s right! Orange peels serve as healthy and effective facial masks. After finishing up with an orange, strip off its peels and let them dry up overnight. The next day, grind the dried peels—in a mixer—to fine powder. Mix the powder with an equal amount of milk or water, and apply it on your face. Keep the beauty mask for 30 minutes and carefully wash it off, making sure not to damage sensitive areas by scrubbing too hard. This particular facial mask works because orange peels are known to absorb excess oil from the skin, therefore ridding your face of acne. Orange peels are also known to scoop up any dead and dry skin cells, leaving you with a bright and clear complexion!

Drinking freshly squeezed orange juice can also help in clearing up acne. Since oranges are packed with vitamin C, regularly drinking orange juice can actually prevent skin from the damages of excessive sunlight exposure, like skin cancer, skin darkening, and wrinkles.


Va-va-voom with vinegar

Applying ½ tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (or plain white vinegar) to one cup of water after shampooing can actually decrease excessive oil in hair. Rinse all of the vinegar mixture from your hair, or leave the mixture in until it dries—either way works! The vinegar mixture in your hair can  also help de-tangle it. Plus, since vinegar restores the natural pH, you won’t have to worry about an itchy scalp. Just limit this vinegar hair care option to twice a week so you can keep your hair healthy, shiny, and prevent it from drying out.

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