Glee Season 4 cast

With hit TV show entering its senior year (season 4), Glee shows it hasn’t stopped believing in the formula that earned them success— a diverse cast, a few heartthrobs and those oh-so-wonderful mashups. In anticipation for Glee’s new season and time slot (Thursdays at 9p) FOX threw a great listening party to preview five songs from the season. These dance beats and earworms not only had us humming along, but also gave us a few clues as to what’s in store for the season.

“Dance Again/Americano”— Cassandra (Kate Hudson)
This high-energy mashup of Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga’s hits is totally dance worthy, and it shows off Kate Hudson’s impressive pipes (Take that, Gwyneth Paltrow)! Hudson gracefully switches between her mid and high registers throughout this groove. Look for this to debut on the premiere episode. Something tells us she’s be schooling Rachel (Lea Michele) on passion for the art of Broadway.

“It’s Time” — Blaine (Darren Criss)
Can’t get enough Blaine? You’re in luck. Darren Criss will have lots of screen time as he deals with his relationship with Kurt (Chris Colfer) and restocking the Glee Club with talent. Darren tackles the Imagine Dragons song with grace. But taking a deeper look into the lyrics it looks like there may be trouble in paradise:  “It’s time to begin, isn’t it?/ I get a little bit bigger, but then I’ll admit/ I’m just the same as I was/Now don’t you understand/That I’m never changing who I am” We can’t tell if this is Blaine reassuring Kurt as they embark on a (Mini Spoiler Alert!!!) long-distance relationship or if their relationship will show growing pains.

“Boys/Boyfriend” — Artie (Kevin McHale) and Blaine
This Artie/Blaine duet mashing up Britney Spears’ “Boys” and Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” is their first duet ever. It sounds great (duh!), but we’re even more excited to see it on screen.
Kevin McHale and Darren Criss revealed the two had to deliver the the song in an über cheesy boy band type performance. Shouldn’t be a problem for Kevin since he was in a boy band (NLT), right? Kevin admitted Darren was the bigger cheese ball! That’s great to know because by the sound of it, we need a little more expression from Darren, hopefully we get more when we see him perform it in the “Britney 2.0” episode.

“Gimme More”— Brittany (Heather Morris)
It wouldn’t be a Britney episode without Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris) to rock out a Spears number. Chord Overstreet (Sam) revealed the Glee Club will back her up in the dance-heavy number. No doubt, Heather, a former dancer for Beyonce will outshine them all like she did last Britney episode!

“Call Me Maybe”— Glee Club
OK, Glee, if you did Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” we guess you had to do Carly Rae Jepson’s mega earworm of the summer. Luckily there was much to delight our ears despite hearing the song 12 billion times. A new voice opens the song— maybe it’s  Jacob Artist who will be playing Jake Puckerman, Puck’s (Mark Salling) younger brother. The Glee Club will battle it out to this song, perhaps to an assignment Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) doles out. This is our first time hearing the new Glee club and we immediately notice there aren’t any powerhouse, “park and bark,” bring the house down voices that Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Rachel (Lea Michele) delivered every episode. Further in the song we found potential of one (another new cast member, we suspect is Alex Newell’s Unique) but, hate to be the bearer of bad new, she’s not as good as Mercedes. We’ll give it another chance, since “Call Me Maybe” isn’t the best vehicle to tout one’s vocal prowess.

Which song do you want the cast to sing this season?
—Ashlyee Hickman

Cory Monteith as Finn on GleeCory Monteith, the lovable football player on Glee, turned the big 3-0 on May 11th. Yes, you read that right, he turned 30. And he’s still singing and dancing on Glee as a high school student. Monteith isn’t the only actor who is older than the character played on TV. In fact, here are 10 more:

Sarah Hyland
Sarah got her big break on the hit ABC comedy, Modern Family, and ever since then she’s been everywhere, from the Disney Channel Original Movie “Geek Charming” to MTV’s “Punk’d.” She plays the popular high school senior, Haley Dunphy and she looks exactly like what one would imagine a high school senior to look like. That’s why many people are surprised to find out that Sarah’s actually 21!
Real Age: 21 Character’s Age: 17

Britt Robertson

Britt Robertson is similar to Sarah Hyland in many ways. They both play high school seniors, they are both in their early 20s, and they both look very young. Britt was bit by the acting bug as a young child and eventually moved to LA to follow her dreams. Britt is used to playing teenagers: She played Cassie Blake in “Secret Circle” and Lux Cassidy in “Life Unexpected.”
Real Age: 22 Character’s Age: 17

Rachel McAdams
Everyone’s favorite mean girl, Regina George, was played by the stunning Rachel McAdams. However, many people don’t know that Rachel was 27 years old when she starred in “Mean Girls.” A whole 10 year age difference. But the difference isn’t even noticeable! Rachel has a beautiful, youthful look that allowed her to play a high school senior even though she’s much older, and it also helped her capture the heart of Ryan Gosling on and off-screen during her “Notebook” era.
Real Age (during the movie): 27 Character’s Age: 17

Jim Parsons

Oh, Sheldon. The socially-awkward, extremely intelligent physicist is played by Jim Parsons who is 11 years older than his character, but the age doesn’t show at all. Jim went to school a lot longer than most actors do. He studied theater at The University of Houston and got a master’s degree in theater from the University of San Diego, which helps explain his awesome acting skills.
Real Age: 39 Character’s Age: 28

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John made a name for herself in the classic musical, Grease, alongside John Travolta. Olivia played the new girl Sandy, who was supposed to be 17 years old. However, Olivia was 30 at the time the film came out.
Real Age (during the movie): 30 Character’s Age: 17

Jason Earles

Jason Earles starred with Miley Cyrus in the hit Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana. Jason played Miley’s annoying brother, but little did we know, he was a lot older. Most sources say that Jackson, Jason’s character on the show, was born in 1990, so that would make his character 22 years old right now. Jason is 35, so that’s a 13 year difference. The age difference wasn’t that noticeable, but now looking back on it, he did look a little older…
Real Age:35 Character’s Age: 22

Trevor Donovan
Sunny California is the place that Teddy Montgomery, Trevor Donovan’s character, calls his home. 90210 fans have grown to love the tennis playing hunk who just graduated high school, and many are shocked to realize that Trevor’s actually in his 30s! Even though there’s a 14 year age difference, Trevor fits right in with all of the other recent graduates in Beverly Hills. You’ll be seeing Trevor on the big screen soon—he’s starring in the new Oliver Stone film “Savages.”
Real Age: 33 Character’s Age: 18 or 19

Gabriel Mann

Revenge is TV’s newest hot drama and Gabriel Mann’s star power is continuously growing. Gabriel plays Nolan Ross on the show and viewers everywhere have dubbed this character the one they love-to-hate. Nolan is in his mid-twenties, but Gabriel is 39 years old, almost 40. But he does pass for 26!
Real Age: 39 Character’s Age: 26

Bianca Lawson
Bianca Lawson stars in Pretty Little Liars as Emily’s mysterious lover, Maya. PLL helped get Bianca’s name out there and led people to realize that she’s in her mid 30s playing a 16 year old girl. Bianca’s skin is flawless and that makes her character, Maya, extremely believable. You don’t even notice the 17 year old age difference. Bianca’s face may seem a little familiar. That’s because she starred in “Saved by the Bell: The New Class.”
Real Age: 33 Character’s Age: 16

Alan Rickman

Professor Snape, the potions master who captured the hearts of millions in the last Harry Potter book/movie was played by the talented Alan Rickman. Alan is 65 in real life, however his character is 39, making Alan is more than two-and-a-half decades older than the character he played in the Harry Potter franchise. He did such a good job, no one could even tell.
Real Age: 65 Character’s Age: 39
—Ama Kwarteng
Photo by Danielle Levitt/FOX

Welcome “The Glee Project’s” second winner to the stage, Samuel Larsen. This hopeless romantic won’t have any issue belting out the ballads in his first appearance in Glee’s Valentine’s Day episode. Case in point: this vid. Check it out as they put their own spin on Gym Class Heroes’ “Stereo Hearts.” P.S. Sam, we’re loving the “Trouty, I can handle that!”:D

Have you ever wondered what the Jonas Brothers do when they’re not on tour? Or what the plot of a “Glee” movie might be? Quinton and Ian Williams, the two brothers behind Pixies Production Inc.,
are constantly pondering these ideas when they think of the next celebrity or TV show to parody. With more than 5 million upload views, these videos are more than silly jokes, but hard work. Especially since Quinton and Ian do all of the characters, writing, props, costumes, editing and camera work themselves.

As kids, Quinton and Ian spent their spare time making “Star Wars” remakes and filming pranks they pulled on friends. Since 2006, they started taking their hobby more seriously and uploaded their student work and extracurricular videos on YouTube. Before they knew it, views sky-rocketed and fans came pouring in from around the world. Now that they have found their niche in parodies and started making revenue on advertisements, they are ready to look for representation and turn their comedy over to television and movies.

Pixies Productions Inc. has covered the basics, Jonas Brothers, “Drake and Josh” and even the X-Men character, Wolverine. Right now you can check out their new skit, “Glee: The Movie.”

ME: What made you two want to make videos?
It started out of boredom really. At first, we just filmed to document things.
Quinton: Yeah, like me throwing a pumpkin off the roof. We were so into movies we thought it would be fun to create our own.

ME: What don’t you like about the filming process?
The time it takes.
Quinton: Arguing [both laugh].

ME: What’s your favorite part of the filming process?
Creating the character and changing into a different person.
Ian: Building the scene then altering it when it doesn’t work.

ME: What was a discouraging moment for Pixies Production Inc?
We were asked by an MTVU marketing manager to enter a contest in which you submit a pitch for a TV show. After weeks of editing and re-editing and pouring our hearts out we never got a call back.

ME: What has that moment taught you?
To pick yourself back up. Give up or keep going.
Ian: It taught us to stick to our guns.
Quinton: Making videos and trying to work in entertainment means having faith. Videos cost a lot of money. I spent $3000 dollars on my camera and another $1000 on my computer in 2005. Our latest skit has cost us $550 so far. We’re constantly taking chances.

ME: Quinton, you graduated from the University of West Florida Magna Cum Laude and Ian, you will graduate later in April, but you’ve managed to maintain an above average GPA. How did you make time for school and videos?
We tried to incorporate school work with our YouTube videos. We were both taking film classes so we made projects with the intent of putting them online.

ME: What is your advice to students entering college wanting to major in film?
Know what it is you want out of college and find a school that offers that.
Quinton: Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Be a leader, not a follower. Focus on schoolwork it should be the number one priority. I studied for my Java class hours on end. And because of that, I was able to build my own Web site.

ME: Back to your videos, how has YouTube launched your talent?
We not only gained popularity, but an international audience. We would never be able to do that anywhere else but YouTube.
Quinton: We now have an online resume and revenue to fund our videos.

ME: You do parodies of existing characters, but they’re still different thanks to the Pixies Production Inc. touch. Where do the ideas for these characters come from?
My beautiful brain. [Laughs] We imagine ourselves in the character.
Quinton: We have gut feelings and inside jokes about the people we parody.

ME: Which characters have you had the most fun with?
Joe Jonas and Count Chocula.
Ian: Any character that is annoying and screams really loud.

ME: Who are some celebrities you would never want to parody?
Snickers…I mean Snooki. Any woman really, I never do them justice.
Quinton: Bob Villa and the Target dog.

ME: How do you create the plots for your skit?
We have two different methods. One, we build a script off of a few one-liners and work backwards. Two, we have an idea and build one-liners off that. Multiple times we don’t even follow the script.

ME: What is your advice to fellow YouTubers who would like to make their own videos?
Quinton: Put videos into a story, have a point. Find your narrative voice.

ME: What or who have been your biggest influences?
Ian: The vibe of the 1990s, “Star Wars,” Ramen Noodles. (Turns to Quinton) I saw you make videos and it made me want to make them too.
Quinton: “Star Wars” always was and always will be an influence. Charlie Chaplin and Jim Carrey are others. I always wanted to be like Jim Carrey.

ME: What do you hope your audience learns from your videos? What do you want to say to them?
You can create something with a limited budget. Find something you’re good at.
Quinton: We want to inspire them to make their own videos. It’s fun to see the things our fans make.
-Jennie McKeon