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Afraid you won’t stop procrastinating and get busy studying? ME has you covered! A cram session won’t seem so bad when you have a great playlist to study to that will cure testing nerves and will help you stay up late for last-minute studying. Check out our faves!

“Seven Weeks” – Sean Tyas
To start your great study playlist you are going to need a song that has a mixture of an upbeat and soft enough for you to study to. This is the perfect combination of both worlds. Since this song has a good portion of parts that allow you to stop and dance to it, you can take quick dance breaks to keep sleep and stress away.

“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” – Kelly Clarkson
When you feel that you’re getting anxious, stressed or nervous about your final exams, make sure to take a quick listen to this song. The wild and energetic vocals will have you shaking the negativity off in no time.

“Oh Yeah” – MBLAQ
Try a little foreign pop music that will have you body rolling your way to a fantastic grade. Unless you’re fluent in Korean, you might just stick to humming and dancing while going over notes.

“Blow”- Ke$ha
Are you ready to show those tests whose boss? Then make sure to pump yourself up by listening to a Ke$ha song, her catchy lyrics and loud music will psych you up.

“Who’s That Chick?” – David Guetta ft. Rihanna
Sometimes you need to take a break in the middle of hardcore studying, this is the perfect song to just dance and let all the built up stress come out to a catchy beat.

“Loca” – Shakira ft. Dizzee Rascal
While on your study break, get yourself a healthy snack while shaking your hips to this Shakira song before hitting the books again.

“Acoustic Medley” – In Flames
“Acoustic Medley” is the perfect song to try and get some reading and reflecting done while listening to deep acoustic guitars to get you thinking.

“Starry Eyed” – Ellie Goulding
In order to prevent procrastination while you are “in the zone”, playing “Starry Eyed” will sooth your ears with Ellie Goulding’s smooth vocals while not distracting you.

“Indestructible” – Robyn
Don’t let the late night get you thinking tired or negative thoughts. In order to prevent that, have Robyn’s song “Indestructible” on your playlist. Sometimes the best boost come from songs that entice you to dance.

“Glad You CameThe Wanted
As you wrap up studying for the night, celebrate that you are one step closer to finishing with exams and glad summer vacation is right around the corner. This song is the perfect way to wrap up your studying and help you relax.

Studying can be tedious and annoying sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be boring or stressful with the right music. Make sure to prepare your iPods and laptops with these songs to have you focused and ready to conquer those tests. Good Luck!

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-Gabriela Castelan

Adam Lambert's Trespassing AlbumThere are constant releases for new music that show how far a musician has come from where they previously were, and Adam Lambert is no exception. The dropping of his new album, “Trespassing,” will send shock waves through the listeners ears. The true potential of Lambert’s vocal skills is really emphasized in several of his songs.

There are several songs that not only portray how diverse his vocals can be, but also how a great melody can complement fun and funky vocals. This album touches upon several different genres of music such as pop, ballads and rock. With a variety of songs to choose from in this new album, Lambert really lives up to the potential that got him through American Idol.

Songs like “Cuckoo” and “Chokehold” show how Lambert’s vocal ability has reached a new level after his debut in the music industry. These seriously catchy songs work well with his vocals, while making it impossible for any listeners to resist singing and dancing along.

As a fair warning, you might not want to wear makeup when listening to this song because it might smear from the tears. “Underneath” shows us a different dimension to Lambert’s music because it’s not just him singing to a party beat, but rather a plain melody with strong vocals. Even if you pay little attention to the lyrics of the song, you can feel the strong emotions that are sung by Lambert.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Adam Lambert’s new album “Trespassing” and some comfortable dancing shoes. You might not want to stop shaking and moving to this album when the music starts so enjoy the music.

-Gabriela Castelan

John Mayer Born and Raised

There is no better way to finish the school year and welcome the summer than by the release of a new album. John Mayer’s long-awaited album “Born and Raised” finally hit the shelves, and even though he can’t sing right now due to throat surgery, he left everything on each track.

True to Mayer’s style, several of the songs are calming and slower paced with his vocals complementing the flow of instruments.  The song “Speak For Me” stays predominantly calm until Mayer builds his way up to strong vocals.  While “Love Is A Verb” shows more of lazy rhythm that is the perfect song to sit outside and just enjoy the day to.

One complaint about the album is that Mayer doesn’t take as many risks with his music. Although very calm, soothing, and sing-along material, his songs are very predictable. Mayer knows where his strengths lie and hasn’t parted from his trademark soft guitar and his vocals depicting traces of country and blues music. This album is no different from the rest.

John Mayer’s songs always have certain qualities that can distinguish them from other artists; they are pretty hard to tell apart from one another. The songs have similar tempos and feelings coming from them that label them as a “John Mayer song.” That isn’t always a bad thing though because if you are a hardcore John Mayer fan this album is right up your alley.  Who wouldn’t want to sit in their room with their bffs just listening and singing along to his inviting voice? On the other hand, if you’re looking for variety in the songs, you might want to try listening to another album because this might not be what you’re looking for. Give it a listen and judge for yourself if this John Mayer album is right for you.

—Gabriela Castelan

Freaky Friday

We love our moms and want them to feel special and appreciated. And what better way than to choose a great flick to convey that? ME is here with a mommy-approved movie guide she will love!

1) The Incredibles

At some point we all think of our moms as super heroines, but in The Incredibles, she really is. It may not entirely focus on her relationship with her children, but it does go to show the work moms go through to for her kids.

2) My Big Fat Greek Wedding

If your mother may butt-in to your life way too much, fear not. This movie proves that although she may meddle in your affairs, it’s done with love in mind.

3) The Parent Trap

This movie shows the relationship between a mother and her two daughters, one of which has never lived with her because of a divorce. This movie helps you appreciate the pranks you didn’t have to do to spend time with your mom this mother’s day.

4) Madea’s Big Happy Family

Sometimes you need a reminder as to why mothers are so important to a family, and any movie with Madea will usually do the trick. Through all of the chaos and humor, there is a valuable lesson that comes from a strong mother/child relationship.

5) Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is one of the best movies to sit down and watch with mom. The love shared and reflected between Forrest and his mother will touch you both.

6) Freaky Friday

Ever thought your life is so difficult that you would trade places with your mom? Well, enjoy Freaky Friday with your mom this Mother’s Day and see what happens. Who knows? You both might learn something new about each other.

7) Under the Same Moon

This movie takes you through the life changing journey a young Mexican boy, Carlos Reyes, goes through to reunite with his mother who is working in the United States. Warning: You and mom will break out the tissues for this movie.

8) Steel Magnolias

Although this is more of a tear-jerking movie from the late ’80s, it’s also the type of movie that will make you appreciate your mother and life.

9) 101 Dalmatians

Remember the caring mother Perdita was? Bring back some fond memories of puppies and mothers with some Disney magic.

10) The Joy Luck Club

A wonderful story that deals around mothers who share their stories of their lives prior to immigrating to the U.S. during WWII and daughters learning to appreciate their mothers’ struggles. This is the perfect movie to bond with your mother over family history.

-Gabriela Castelan

Have you been yearning for a movie that lets your inner-comic book nerd come out or a movie you can enjoy with your hero-obsessed boyfriend? Then look no further because the super heroes are back in action.  Literally. The Avengers hit theaters on May 4th and is making a buzz all around the country.

All of the trailers and commercials were only a small preview of all of the special effects, humor and (of course) amazing super hero action. With a combination of Iron man, Thor, Captain America and the incredible Hulk, the movie is not lacking power or flashiness.

If your boyfriend is insisting you go see the movie with him, don’t worry. The Avengers has all of the action he wants with all of the hot guys you crave. There is nothing wrong with enjoying watching well-toned men with super powers save the earth from evil.

Don’t worry about your boyfriend or BGF complaining that “the movie doesn’t stick to the comic book story lines” because The Avengers is pretty spot-on. Rather than creating an alternate story line for this movie, the heroes seem to follow the storylines that they have had from each movie they come from respectively. You don’t really need to read the comic books or rush to Netflix to watch the previous movies of each one of them, because The Avengers rarely refers to their past but when they do, they expand on it.

At two and a half hours, the movie does drag on a bit but over all The Avengers is a movie worth spending money on if you like super heroes, great effects, or good looking men fighting crime. What ever your reason may be, check this movie out.  It’s sure to be one of  the best movies you see this summer.

-Gabriela Castelan

World of Warcraft Romance

One of the most interesting things about dating is getting to know the person that you are with. But what happens when that person is a sorcerer and living in the other side of the country? That’s sometimes the case when it comes to relationships that bloomed from an online game and continue into reality. This type of romance is becoming the norm as technology gets more involved with our personal lives.

It sounds strange that people would find love through playing an online game as an elf, a mage or a healer, but in a world where you can be whoever you want, why should love be out your reach? There are plenty of computer and video games with online play that let players interact with one another, (it’s like being in a cafeteria or mall that you can complete adventures in). Although the presence of video games within dating and relationships is growing, most people start playing these games for fun rather than looking for love.
Stephanie Rivero, an English Secondary Education major at The College of New Jersey, found her fiancé through World of Warcraft, but not on purpose. Rivero says that treating the online game as a dating website does not sit well with the online gaming community. “People will be put off if they know you’re looking [for a relationship],” she says.  She mentions that these games are a way to have fun and make friends and if you happen to find someone you like, then you get a bonus. “If you’re just looking to date, join a dating service website,” said Rivero.

In a study that focused on relationships formed between World of Warcraft players, “The rogue in the lovely black dress: intimacy in World of Warcraft,” it explains that the players develop their relationships and dating through a similar process than anyone else. “While conversations may originate in [The World], they often move to instant messaging, phone calls and eventually physical meetings.” So you meet and befriend a character and if you hit it off (like in school) you move on to getting to know them in real life. It makes dating a game with updated rules.

Judging how addictive these online games are and how people like to turn to the cyber world to have fun, online games may be the dating wave of the future. In a study by Nicholas Yee, author of The Psychology of MMORPGs, he mentioned how from a population of online role-playing gamers 15.7% of women (from a group of 420) and 5.1% of men (from a group of 2991) have dated someone they met through these games.


If you’ve been afraid to let your imagination roam free because you think you might not find that “special someone,” fear not. Seeing as how relationships and dating are becoming more common through online role-playing games, you might want to let your inner spellcaster come out and play. Although people doubt you can find a relationship through an online game, love is tricky and can sneak up on you—unless you cast a protection spell.

—Gabriela Castelan

Photo credt: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

How To Tell A Crush You Like Him


We have all had a crush on someone at some point in our lives. Sometimes it can be the most magical and heart-warming feeling ever, but other times it can lead to gut-wrenching torture. Why?! Well, with the bliss of a crush on the boy that makes your heart flutter every time you see him, comes the agony of how to actually tell him that you like him. Don’t sweat it; just let ME give you some useful tips on telling a crush that you like him.

Keep your cool around him
When dealing with the guy you’ve admired from afar, you may want to avoid appearing too desperate for his affection. He might feel strange if you give him a shy smile one day, and then you‘re constantly hovering over him expressing how cute you two would be together the next. When you’re ready to tell him your feelings, remember to take a deep breath and relax because it’ll really let your amazing personality shine through when you do talk to him.

Play a funky tune
You may be nervous out of your skin trying to ask this guy out, the last thing you want is to get tongue-tied, bring up a previous relationship or something embarrassing about yourself. Try making it a more enjoyable atmosphere by listening to a song before you’re ready to tell your crush you like him. A song that makes you feel energetic and happy will help you focus and feel courageous. You’ll see that in a matter of seconds you’ll be relax and probably find something in common with him that will make your proclamation of love completely worth it.

Avoid sharing your life history
You may be trying to tell him how much you’ve liked him over the past couple of weeks, but don’t tell him everything you’ve felt over the last three years. You might be too nervous or excited to notice what you’re saying, but bragging or talking too much about yourself might lead him to believe that you’re only interested in yourself rather than hearing what he feels about you. Give him a chance to speak and be modest when expressing how amazing you are.

Choose a relaxing setting
The last thing you ever want to do is feel awkward when telling your crush that you like him, so try a more laid back approach. Try expressing your feelings in a calming environment like a park. This will help make things more comfortable for both of you by making you feel less pressured and not being surrounded by noise or many people.

Rejected or accepted, remember to take it slow and take his response as a learning experience
Unfortunately, you can’t force your crush to like you, but if he likes you then it’s okay to break out into a victory dance in your room. Updating your social media status on how happy you are is great, but try not to overdo it (like adding a million posts about liking each other each second of the day), it can make others feel uncomfortable.

If he doesn’t have the same feelings for you then that doesn’t mean this is the end of your love life. Other people who have achieved great things have been rejected or have stumbled (quite a few times) in order to be where they are. If it doesn’t work out this time, then take it as a chance to pamper and love yourself until you feel better and then be ready for the next time to encounter love. Besides, who needs the old crush when the next guy is cuter and smarter?

—Gabriela Castelan

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RunningAs we’re quickly approaching spring break, it’s time to make sure that we are getting ready for bikini season! You might get excited just thinking about how great you’re going to look in those super cute shorts and bikini top, but remember that it takes hard work to get into shape. Sometimes going to the gym can be expensive, time consuming or just plain boring. Don’t worry, here at ME, we’ve thought of some fun alternatives outside of the gym.

Zumba is a fun alternative to the gym that involves toning your body and doing cardio while having fun dancing. What do you need to get started right away? You can buy the DVD from the Zumba Fitiness
Web site, find a place locally that has Zumba instructors that hold classes (you can also check the Zumba website for that) or you can look up Zumba videos on YouTube! Zumba designed with basic dance move the require no prior dance experience but the combination of latin-inspired fitness moves that effectively make you break into a deep sweat. This is a great way to get fit and have fun!

Remember rollerblading with your old in-line roller blades? Well it’s time to break them out from the dusty closet, only this time you’ll be rollerblading yourself into shape! Rollerblading for one hour can help burn up to 840 calories, and you can burn calories while gliding down a relaxing a park or an interesting downtown urban landscape.You will need to have rollerblades or skates (which you can possibly rent somewhere in town) and safety gear such as a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads (Always remember: Safety first).

If you get bored of walking or running then bicycling is the way to go! Bicycling is best for your thighs and your butt. If you want a better cardio workout and burn tons of calories, you may want to take a route with plenty of hills. Choose to bike through interesting places so you can feel the breeze and see amazing things, all while getting exercise done. You will need a bike, sneakers, a helmet and knee pads/ elbow pads just to make sure your exercising safely.

Jogging, Running, Power Walking
If you’re the kind of person that dislikes going to the gym and using machines to tone your body, then running, jogging, or walking outside is your alternative. Pick a nice flat area with a path to start your walk. As you pick up your pace, you can change it up by adding some obstacles such as hills and dirt paths.  Remember that you can make it more interesting by changing scenery (see how fast you can power walk through the mall). Just make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes because you will be doing a lot of moving. After a few runs your legs will look fantastic and toned in that bikini you’ve been wishing to get every time you speed walk through the mall.

Household Chores
Although it sounds like a trap to finally get on mom’s good side, it’s actually a great way to workout without going to the gym. Sweeping and vacuuming your room (and the entire house if you want too) actually causes you to remain in constant motion and helps you break into a sweat. Lifting and moving furniture to clean a specific area allows you to use your entire body and get a good workout. Not only will your body become toned but your mother will jump with joy to see you finally getting those chores done. The equipment you’ll need include: A broom, a dustpan, a vacuum cleaner, and music to keep you jamming through the hard work.

—Gabriela Castelan

Ryan Higa's YouTube channel nigahiga

Meet Ryan Higa, one of the comedic geniuses behind YouTube’s hit channel NigaHiga. You probably recognize him from singing along with fellow YouTube star Kevin Wu (A.K.A. Kevjumba) and acting with the multi-talented (and MyEveryzine star) Arden Cho. He may be an Internet star now but he is making his way to a theater near you! Here’s some info on MyNewCrush that may be useful if you bump into him one of these days (even if it’s in your sweetest dreams).

Ryan Higa

Where you’ve seen him before
Supah Ninjas, Agents of Secret Stuff and NigaHiga YouTube channel

Background info
Remember those days before YouTube? Neither do we, but Ryan does! He’s been making people laugh since then! In 2006 he uploaded several videos of himself and Sean Fujiyoshi lip-syncing. (Backstreet Boys cover anyone?)

His big break
Have you’ve ever thought to yourself “How can I become a gangster/emo?”, then Ryan’s hit videos are the guide for you! “How to be gangster” and “How to be emo” became instant favorites. “How to be Gangster” is a convenient guide showing us how to achieve the goal of becoming gangsters. Our coaches, R-Dizzle-Fo-Shizzle-My-Nizzle-Off-Da-Hizzle-Drizzle and Mike, teach us complex handshakes, cursing, using hand motions, posing, and rule-breaking(such as loitering).

Secret agent, secretly dating?
In the movie, “Agents of Secret Stuff”, Ryan takes on the role of an A.S.S. (Agent of Secret Stuff) who’s duty is to protect a high school student named Taylor (Arden Cho) from S.I.N.S (Society Involving Not-So-Good Stuff). Ryan and Arden sound like the perfect match right? Well, although they were incredibly cute together and even shared a passionate kiss in the movie, they revealed that they are only good friends. So ladies, there’s hope!

Ryan’s plans for the future
He wants to make his way into movies and television, which means you’ll get to see him everywhere soon enough. He may be on his way to being a huge Hollywood celeb but Ryan remembers to show his fans his appreciation, “I love reading the comments from my fans…it’s their support and encouragement that motivates me to want to continue making videos.”

—Gabriela Castelan

8 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means spending the day with that special person. How about dinner and a movie? Well, we were thinking of breaking away from that boring routine and giving you some fun options for this holiday. This Valentine’s Day, surprise that person in your life with a creative, fun date and a great time.
Fly a Kite
Ever thought that something you did when you were a kid would be a great plan for a date? Well you’re in luck! Flying a kite is a great way for you and your date to bring out those childhood memories. If you also make your own kites together, it’s a chance to be creative too. (This is a great excuse to break out the glitter and glue!) If he has never flown a kite, make sure to guide him in the proper art of kite flying (or vice-versa). There’s nothing more romantic than teaching each other something new.  Remember, the internet is your friend and you can use it to show you how to make a kite that’s guaranteed to stay in the air. Also, make sure you look for a nice open area for your kite to pick up wind. It’s safe to say you might want to wear a cute pair of shorts and comfy shoes for maximum comfort in the wind.
Cloud watching/ Star Gazing
Pick out a nice open area in advance where buildings, trees, and people will not block your view of the clouds or make too much noise. The less noise and obstructions means that you will have a relaxing scenery to enjoy without disruptions. During the day you can bring a cozy picnic. If you’re planning on a more romantic night scene, make sure you and your other half have the chance to see the night sky without light pollution. So many different kinds of conversations can come about while being underneath the open sky–you feel as though you’re in a romantic movie.

Sock Puppet Show

 Whoever thought that buying $1 socks could guarantee you the most fun date ever? Both of you can decorate your own sock puppet with markers, felt fabric, and other things to give your sock puppet its own unique style. The best part of this activity is that you guys can use a table or create your own little stage out of a cardboard box to deliver a playful performance. You should dress comfortably to set the tone for both of you to relax and unwind your imagination. Your lucky sock might even get you a kiss!
Art Museum
 For this date you might need to do research beforehand to see if there are any special exhibits, but if not, just bring a camera (to take funny pictures) and your date on your arm. If you guys like the sculptures, paintings or photographs then talk about it, but if you both don’t always ‘get’ art, it’s fun to have someone to make fun of the art that no one understands and bask in the art that you both appreciate. If nothing else, you can always take turns imitating the surrounding art and taking pictures! (Can you say, “New Facebook profile pic?”) Seeing as you’re going to be surrounded by fancy art, try wearing a classy outfit like a shapeless black dress with small heels and pearls to accessorize.
Help Others
 The cutest date ideas always involve helping other people with the one person that makes you smile. The only things you need for this activity include: your date, some flowers, and a smile. Look for a spot where people like to frequent so you and your date can hand out flowers to people who need a “pick-me-up”. Not only will both of you feel great for making people smile, but you guys might make this the best Valentine’s Day for someone who really needs the reassurance.
People Watching
 It may seem crazy, but people-watching is actually pretty fun. You can sit and observe other people while talking and sharing stories with your date. The mall, filled with different people and things to see, is the perfect people-watching-spot. You want your date to feel just as relaxed as you feel, so wear casual clothes like a skirt, leggings and some flats. All you need to execute this date is to know the mall closing time and maybe some ice-cream for both of you to eat while you sit and watch this crazy environment known as the mall!

Play in the Park
A date in the park can be both super romantic and tons of fun! Remember to dress in something you wouldn’t mind getting dirty like a cute t-shirt and jeans. Since Valentine’s Day is on a weekday this year, you might want to plan on going to the park in the afternoon so you can actually hop on the swings and conquer the slide with your date when younger kids are still in school.

Photo Scavenger Hunt
Want to run around town with your date, but don’t have a good excuse? Well, ask friends to create a photo scavenger hunt list and then use a disposable camera to go around town taking pictures with your date. Make sure you get everything on that list and then print out those pictures to have beautiful memories of your Valentine’s Day. Although you might want to look cute in your pictures with your date, you might want to stay away from high heels (remember it is a scavenger hunt).
—Gabriela Castelan
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