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Emma Stone, star of
Emma Stone graces the cover of Interview magazine

They say Interview magazine cover girl Emma Stone is the “It Girl;” we at ME say Emma has the talent and amazing personality that will never go out of style. Say “Aloha” to Emma as she stars alongside Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams. Until then, here are 10 things to know about Emma Stone.

1. She’s from Arizona 
Although she spends lots of time in Los Angeles and New York, her home is Scottsdale, Arizona
2. Her name is Emily

Emma’s full name is Emily Jean Stone. But she decided to go by Emma instead of Emily because there was already an Emily Stone registered at he Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG). In fact. IMDB has four Emily Stones! Good move, Emma!

3. She has a twin…
…Well not really. She actually had a stunt double for the famous “Dirty Dancing” lift with super hottie “Crazy Stupid Love” co-star Ryan Gosling. She tried her best to do it herself, but she was terrified and even accidentally kicked Ryan in the throat! “I ran for him to pick me up, and I don’t know what happened,” she told Jay Leno. “I went spider monkey around his head and kicked him in the throat.”

4. Emma Stone takes iPhone videos, like a normal girl!
Emma loves Taylor Swift. When Taylor stopped in Los Angeles for her Speak Now World Tour Emma was right there singing all the lyrics with her friends, dancing around with her “Crazy Stupid Love” co-star Joey King and even taking videos with her iPhone! When we saw that (We were at the concert, too!), we knew Emma is just one of the girls (who happens to have a pretty cool and very public job)!

5. Emma Stone loves Hot Pockets
Especially the meatball and mozzarella flavored Hot Pockets. Hey, everyone deserves a guilty pleasure! #NoJudgement

6. She’s obsessed with “Ace of Cakes”

This “Superbad” star is super chill. A good time to Emma is staying at home, getting comfortable and watching an “Ace of Cakes” marathon.

7.“The Help” is Emma’s first movie Adapted from a book
Yeah “Easy A” mentioned “The Scarlett Letter,” but the film wasn’t inspired by the book. Emma’s mom is a super fan of Kathryn Stockett’s best-selling novel “The Help.”

8. She deleted her Facebook account
“I got addicted to FarmVille, so had to get off,” she said. Looking for Emma Stone’s Twitter? She doesn’t have one of those either.

9. Paul McCartney designed her tattoo
Emma and her mom wanted to get matching tattoos based on her mom’s favorite song “Blackbird.” Emma wrote a letter to Sir Paul McCartney explaining the significance and her mother surviving breast cancer. The former Beatle then sketched bird feet design and sent it back to them for the tattoos!

10. She’s not a natural red-head
“My hair grows out of my head blonde, but I usually dye it red,” Emma said. After Judd Apatow suggested she go red for his movie “Superbad,” she liked it so much she stuck with it.