Beauticul Creatures

Beautiful Creatures' Alice Englert

Say hello to the newest household name: Beautiful Creatures’, Alice Englert! The little-known Australian actress is slated to become the next Kristen Stewart after the supernatural drama is released this Valentine’s Day.  Here are ten things to know about the brunette beauty:

1.  Talent runs in her family! Both her parents are film-makers, and her mom, Jane Campion has even won an Oscar.

2.  She’s a musician! Her song “Needle and Thread” is featured in her upcoming film Beautiful Creatures.

3.  She’s a high school dropout.  The 18-year-old star left school a year early to pursue acting.

4.  Although many mistakenly believe that she hails from New Zealand, Alice was actually born in Sydney, Australia.

5.  She’s suffered for her art!  While shooting in India for her upcoming film Singularity, Alice spent two days in the hospital being treated for a heatstroke.

6.  If you’re feeling glum about Valentine’s Day around the corner, know that Alice is right there with you! “No one has ever given me a Valentine,” the actress said in an interview with Poppy Jamie.

7.  She’s a world-traveler!  She grew up flying between Australia and New Zealand and her shooting her latest films have taken her to England, India, and of course, the United States.

8.  She’s worked closely with another member of a famous family! She stars alongside the younger Fanning in the film Ginger and Rosa.

9.  Although still a teenager, Alice has been working as an actress for a decade.  At age 8, she acted in the film Listen.

10.  Alice is the queen of accents.  She takes on a Southern one in Beautiful Creatures, an English one in Ginger and Rosa, and an Irish one in In Fear.  Her natural inflection is Australian.
-Karina Stow